Sundays (Saturday) in Spain

 As I warned could happen, Saturday got the best of me in terms of being abnormally busy and so my Saturdays in Spain post has become Sundays in Spain…at least for this week. D and I move into our new house next Saturday and so we’re deeply entrenched in the madness of what is otherwise known as moving preparation. Yesterday was spent unpacking numerous boxes in addition to tackling “window treatments” for one of the bedrooms and so I never got around to writing this post until now. Happy Sunday everyone!

It may seem slightly odd to some seeing as how I’m not really much of a wine drinker, and yet I greatly enjoy the “culture” behind el vino. When we visited the magnificent Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, we naturally toured the winery there (it’s the most visited vineyard in the United States). In addition, last year on our trip to Maui, I bought a bottle of pineapple wine to take home after making a brief stop at the Tedeschi Winery which is located at an astonishing 2,000 feet above sea level. While Spain is of course famous for its impressive array of red wines, it’s also known for jerez or sherry as it’s known in English. Jerez de la Frontera was the first trip I made in Spain during my semester abroad. “Heh-res” (as it is pronounced in the Andalusian dialect) is considered the sherry capital of the world and while the city is not surrounded by vineyards it is home to more bodegas (wineries) than you could possibly visit in a lifetime. The bodegas give visitors the chance to see how sherry is made, bottled, and aged in addition to free samples. My friend and I made a day trip to Jerez one Saturday and toured the González Byass bodega (G.B. makes the world famous Tio Pepe sherry). The sherries we sampled at the end of the tour were incredibly strong and not necessarily to my liking, but overall it was a neat experience. I bought a small bottle of sherry to take home with me and often used it in cooking. I’ve long since run out of it and while I could easily buy a new bottle of sherry from a local spirits store, my heart belongs with González Byass and so a return trip will just have to be arranged some day.

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