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    Magnolia Bakery’s Poppy Seed Bread

    Poppy seed bread recipe

    Every day at work I have a mid-morning snack to go with my cup of tea (yes, I have copious amounts of British ancestral blood in me) and while typically it's two pieces of toast with peanut butter (and there's my American side for you), sometimes I like to deviate from the same stolid, boring norm (fyi, red velvet muffins are amazing). A couple of years ago I tried out a bevy of recipes from my The Complete Magnolia…

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  • Khachapuri recipe
    Side Dishes/Appetizers


    Okay let's get something straight first. While many of you may know Georgia the state, did you also know that there is a country named Georgia? Yes, that's right...a country that's…

  • Genovese Focaccia
    Side Dishes/Appetizers

    Genovese Focaccia-Italy

    Earlier this month I prepared a new favorite of mine for dinner, slow cooker lasagna. I probably will never make baked lasagna again as cooking it in the slow cooker is…