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    10 Reasons To Visit Notting Hill

    Even though I did see the 1997 film Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, I was never obsessed with it. The romantic feel good dramedy I do absolutely love and watch on a yearly basis is Love Actually. But as my travel style has significantly changed the older I've gotten, one of the things I love to do the most is just be outside in a gorgeous neighborhood and snap away with my camera (or my camera phone,…

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  • Visiting London in your 30s

    Visiting London in your 30s

    Visiting London in your 30s Earlier this month I celebrated my 34thย birthday in one of my favorite cities of the world. Even though I hadnโ€™t been since I was a much…

  • England

    What I missed: London

    For something new, I thought I would re-visit places I am dying to return to and specifically write about the five things I would like to do the most in those…