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    Island Smackdown-Maui vs. Oahu

    I have only been to two of the six major Hawaiian islands so in the interest of this post, Maui and Oahu are the only two I will be discussing. (There…

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    A Beautiful Sunset

    I was inspired to write this after seeing something similar on another blog I follow, Around the World with Rebecca. Although she compiled a post of sunsets from around the world,…

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    Maui Travel Tips

    While I was a Hawaii neophyte until last year, I feel that the research I did prior to visiting and of course the week I spent there has helped me become…

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    Tub & Scrub Bath Salt Company-Maui

    Of all the souvenirs I brought back from Maui, my jar of bath salts from Tub and Scrub Bath Salt Company is my favorite. I discovered Tub and Scrub by chance.…