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    Munich Snapshots

    Munich Snapshots

    Munich was such a pleasant surprise for me. Although I had no doubt that I would enjoy myself, what with its beautiful buildings and fascinating history (both good and bad), I just didn't realize how much I actually would. For years, I had eschewed Germany in lieu of other European countries, it was a B-list country for me. But I was missing out. I fell in love with the beautiful Bavarian-style architecture; I became immensely intrigued by the German language…

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  • Germany Planning Guides Travel Tips

    3 Days in Munich

    Munich doesn’t get nearly the amount of buzz it deserves. It’s not as world renowned as London or Paris and gets overshadowed by its sibling to the north, Berlin, always…

  • Hotel Torbräu Review
    Germany Hotel Reviews

    Hotel Torbräu Review

    Originally I had planned to stay elsewhere in Munich. But after going back and forth on how much money I’d spending for a three night stay considering how little time we’d…