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    Museo Larco’s Collection of Erotic Ceramics

    Museo Larco

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Museo Larco in the Peruvian capital of Lima contains some of the best pre-Colombian art in the world. It also contains a rather "special" gallery, one that is located in a separate building from the main collection. One visit there and it's easy to see why this is. Indians in ancient India were known to "get down and dirty" thanks to a "relatively" unknown text by the name of The Kama Sutra,…

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  • Museo Larco

    Museo Larco-Lima, Peru

    Although nothing can compare to seeing pre-Colombian ruins firsthand, you know like the one that's on top of a mountain, I still like a good museum that's on the world renowned…

  • USA

    International Spy Museum-Washington D.C.

    With a name like the International Spy Museum one might be inclined to think it a pretty cheesy a tourist trap. However, it wasn't. It's the first museum in the world…