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I know this is going to fall on deaf ears but I abhor those travelers who insist on bringing on board their barely fits the maximum dimensions roller suitcases (it’s a double kick to the stomach when a couple each needs to bring their own roller suitcase). Don’t get me wrong, I love roller suitcases and when on long trips I always travel with one. However, not once have I ever brought one on board. Why? They’re obnoxious (physically and mentally speaking) and are usually pulled by someone who is equally obnoxious. I get it, you feel that you shouldn’t have to pay to check a bag, seeing as how much airlines charge for seats for such a crappy flying experience. However, is $25 on top of your total ticket’s cost going to break the bank? Or the people who claim the airlines lose their luggage-I have been flying since the age of three and been on dozens of flights and while I am probably going to be jinxing myself by saying this, an airline has never lost any of my luggage (and this includes some pretty tight connection times). Yes, you hear the horror stories and yet seeing as how MILLIONS of people fly every year without incident, the horror stories are clearly in the minority.

When going on long trips (more than just a weekend) I usually check a suitcase and bring on board with me a book bag (complete with a change of clothes SHOULD my suitcase not make it) and a purse. While I have no problem putting my purse underneath the seat in front of me, I shouldn’t have to stuff my book bag down there as well, giving me even less leg room than the airlines allot since surprise surprise, those “awesome” large roller suitcases have taken up all of the available bin space. I’m not asking for a lot of bin space, but when I can’t fit a meager book bag above my seat because rude and tacky travelers just needed to put luggage for a week’s stay in that place instead, it’s a pathetic world we’re living in.

Other reasons I detest those individuals who insist on bringing roller suitcases on board as carry on luggage? They usually are the people who hold up the boarding process because they have difficulty finding a place in the overhead bins; they also take forever to get off the plane (let’s face it, overhead bins weren’t meant to store a 20 pound suitcase which is then attempted to be taken down by a middle age woman for instance); and lastly, they’re almost ALWAYS the reason why I have no space to put my carry on luggage near MY seat. I’m sure their mentality is “well, here’s some open space” even though the people sitting in this open space haven’t been called to board yet. So my options are stuff my luggage below at my feet and be even more uncomfortable or put my luggage nowhere near my seat. The flight attendants are always making the comment “the bins are full.” Well, is it any wonder when suitcases are being allowed to occupy the space?

Take a visual poll on your next flight and you’ll see the “carry on” roller suitcases are the dominant sight in the overhead bins. Clearly today’s unsavvy travelers don’t quite understand the concept of carry on luggage-you’re meant to carry it on, not roll it on.

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