Wednesday Wishlist-Montréal

Oh wait, I don’t have to wish that…I’m headed there next weekend (cue the party music). I made the “big” reveal a few weeks ago on my blog’s Facebook fan page (see, you should really like my page to find out all these juicy tidbits in advance but don’t worry, you can remedy that by liking it now). However, if you did not know about my upcoming awesome travel plans (tsk tsk tsk), next weekend I am headed to Montréal, Canada.

I’ve been to Canada a couple of times but it’s always been to the Ontario province which in many ways is like the United States (at least the major cities although they do have a tendency to say that famous “eh?”). However, Montréal is located in the Quebec province which is the only Canadian province to have a predominantly French speaking population as well as having French as the sole official language at the provincial level. While I’m sad I won’t be able to “break out” my Spanish since my French is more at the elementary level versus casi fluent in Spanish, I’ll make do-ne vous inquiétez pas (don’t worry). Any place that doesn’t speak my native tongue of English is always an adventure for me.

Since my visit to Montréal will be on the shorter side, I’m planning to stay in Vieux Montréal (Old Montréal) for most of the trip (although I’ve read that locals don’t actually call it such). You know me, j’adore la histoire and frankly anything old and historic. So between soaking in the historical French ambiance I’m also planning on being a food fiend when I’m there as I’ve read that Montréal’s food and restaurant scene is superb.

So yeah, Montréal-Je ne peux pas attendre de vous voir. Jusque-là!

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