A Weekend in Miami Beach-a sneak peek

South Beach

Well, excluding the atypical Miami weather that was on display this past weekend (the one where there were no bright blue skies and calming winds), I really had a nice time in the Magic City. Although I basically stayed in the South Beach neighborhood my entire visit (the only time I ventured out was for my dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel which is located on Brickell Key), this part of Miami had everything I wanted. Beach, a myriad of food options, striking looking buildings, the opportunity to walk everywhere-it was all right here and I loved that about it. 

South Beach

While some trips I have long planned, this one came about rather spur the moment. I was looking for one more travel hurrah before the end of 2014 since as fabulous as Peru was, I didn’t want to go through all of October, November, AND December not traveling anywhere. I was looking for somewhere warm and somewhere relatively close to Pittsburgh that was also easy to get to (i.e. a direct flight). The second part of the aforementioned criteria can be tough to fulfill since Pittsburgh’s direct flight options are far and few, but thankfully Miami fit the bill.


Although food is always a major part of my travels no matter the destination, I feel like my Miami trip was centered around food and believe me when I say that I have no complaints about this whatsoever. Since the weather wasn’t the greatest what better way to spend one’s time than eating, especially eating things that aren’t readily available to you locally. 

South Beach

I have a slew of Miami posts coming to you soon (be ready for some hardcore food porn), so stay tuned! And oh, if you’re wondering what the second picture is, they’re mariquitas, Cuban style plantain chips, topped with mojo sauce (made with garlic, olive oil, and a citrus juice, traditionally bitter orange juice). I had these on two separate occasions and believe me when I say these were amazing. 

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