Where in the World is Matt Lauer-Day 2

“Don Pardo might say it is a ‘Pin in Earth in blue sea.’
Its cup runneth over, high in the sky where the best things can be free.”

Well, for Day 2 of Where in the World is Matt Lauer I actually had a close guess for the actual destination. Don in Spanish is an honorific title for a man (Dona is the female equivalent) so I thought his destination would be somewhere on the Iberian Peninsula. This was confirmed by the anagram ‘Pin in Earth in blue sea’ which contains the letters of the Iberian Peninsula rearranged. My guess was the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of mainland Africa. For certain basic need products and services, the tax rate is zero so it made sense about the “best things can be free.” Well, I was right about the Iberian Peninsula but as soon as I saw Lauer wearing a more winter style hat and jacket, I knew he wasn’t on any island.

Today Lauer was in Madrid, Spain which I’ll admit I was quite happy about since it’s a destination I’ve been to. He’s visited so many far flung spots that I probably won’t be visiting for quite some time, so ones “closer” to home are equally good. Although I am sad that so far my predictions/hopes for places he’d visit on this edition of Where in the World have not come true.

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