Where in the World is Matt Lauer-Day 5

So the 10th anniversary edition of Where in the World is Matt Lauer ended on the Caribbean island of Barbados. I have to say I was disappointed. Although yes, Barbados is a destination in the Americas which is where I’ve been wanting Lauer to visit all week; I was just still hoping to wake up this morning and watch Lauer reveal his Day 5 destination on the Galapagos Islands or from the Mayan ruins of Copan in Honduras. I feel a Caribbean island to end the week was anticlimactic. With the exception of two of this year’s destinations (Namibia and Malaysia), Lauer’s other destinations were certainly neat but nothing incredible like in past years. Although I’m very happy he went to a city I’ve been to before, I still would have preferred a week filled with slightly more exotic locales. I’m also disappointed that since Day 5 happened to be Veteran’s Day (or Armistice Day), he didn’t visit any locales associated with World War I which is when the holiday originated. I have no idea if Where in the World is Matt will be back next year, but if it does return, I hope the destinations will be slightly better.


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