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Winter destination pick

Seeing as how the winter season has officially arrived (even if it wasn’t exactly a white Christmas here in the northeastern United States) I thought I would post a winter destination pick that I’d love to visit one day. As much as I love warm temperatures and the ocean, I still am a sucker for spectacular views and I think Chamonix, France definitely qualifies as such:

Chamonix is located in the RhôneAlpes region of southeastern France and was the site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924. It’s also home to Mont Blanc (along with Italy), which is the third most visited natural site in the world. 
I’m not a skier (never tried), but Chamonix does have a lot of things for people to do even if they are not winter sports enthusiasts. I actually considered Chamonix as one of our honeymoon destinations and researched extensively on it. 
There’s the Telepherique de l’Aiguille du Midi (cable car) which takes riders to the top of the Aiguille du Midi mountain. It holds the record as being the highest vertical ascent cable car in the world.
And we would have stayed here at the Hotel l’Oustalet, a very charming alpine style hotel:
And naturalmente, eaten lots of delicious food unique to the region.
So while winter may sometimes seem like a pain and hassle where you live, in other parts of the world, it can be magnificent. 

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