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10 Reasons To Visit Notting Hill

Even though I did see the 1997 film Notting Hill starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, I was never obsessed with it. The romantic feel good dramedy I do absolutely love and watch on a yearly basis is Love Actually. But as my travel style has significantly changed the older I’ve gotten, one of the things I love to do the most is just be outside in a gorgeous neighborhood and snap away with my camera (or my camera phone, all of the below photos were taken with my iPhone X). And Notting Hill is just that.

After having a wonderful time at afternoon tea at both fancy and timeless Ritz, my friend and I hopped a cab and made our way over to Notting Hill. Since it was my birthday after all, I was given free reign of the day’s pursuits. Being a warm Sunday afternoon in June, all of London was out in full force populating the main drag of the neighborhood, Portobello Road.

I had a great time simply meandering the length of Portobello Road, taking pictures and periodically stopping to browse the wares I saw at some of the shops. I did end up getting a beautiful map to add to my collection of historic maps (this one was a reproduction of a map from the 16th century depicting the Moroccan Empire in French, it’s quite lovely).

My favorite though were the homes on a side street off of Portobello Road, St. Luke’s Mews. For all of you Love Actually fans, this is the street that the characters of Juliet and Peter are supposed to live on, where towards the end of the film, Mark comes to their home where he finally (silently) declares his love for Juliet and that he’ll “love her forever.”


Reason 1: Beautiful St. Luke’s Mews, one of London’s prettiest streets


Reason 2: Disputes the common thought that London is all gray.


Reason 3: When pubs look absolutely gorgeous.


Reason 4: A scene that looks straight out of the English countryside and yet is taken right from the middle of a major city.


Reason 5: The gorgeous flowers that adorn so many London pubs.


Reason 6: The perfect place to shop for that person who’s hard to shop for.


Reason 7: Prime people watching opportunities, especially on the weekend.


Reason 8: London’s own version of Rainbow Row


Reason 9: Pretty colors


Reason 10: Idyllic London strolling

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