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2011 travels in review

With 2011 set to “close” in just a few days, I wanted to look back on this year’s travels which was a combination of old and new.

In February  D and I returned to Chicago, Illinois, one of our favorite cities. We visited just days after they had received a blizzard of epic proportions and in the days leading up to our departure, I was extremely worried that we wouldn’t be able to go. Thankfully we did and minus the cold and a few impassable sidewalks due to giant piles of snow, we had a great time as usual. On this trip, we journeyed to neighboring Oak Park and toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s house and studio.

In May, D and I drove a long eight and a half hours to stunning Asheville, North Carolina. Although I have traveled extensively abroad, my domestic travels pale in comparison so I thought I should work on rectifying this. In addition to the incredible Biltmore estate, we also visited Chimney Rock State Park and had delicious southern food. 
In September, we “fulfilled” a dream of D’s and went on a Disney cruise. Although I had been on one before with my family, it was years ago, so sailing on Disney’s newest ship was a lot of fun. Although it’s Disney, there is nothing cheesy or average about it. The Disney Cruise line offers all of its passengers a deluxe sailing experience. 
And last but not least, in November we went to Maui, one of Hawaii’s many beautiful islands. As I have seen a lot of “cities,” both in the Americas and Europe, I was anxious on this trip for it to be more “outdoorsy” and nature themed and it really was. In the area where we stayed the tallest buildings were hotels and elsewhere on the island, coconut trees. I loved it.
Here’s to hoping that next year’s travels are as memorable as those in 2011!

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