4 Must-Do Activities When Visiting Norway

When one thinks of European vacations, they may rightly start thinking of the A-list countries like England, France and Italy. After that, people may start looking at Spain, Germany and Greece.

It’s only after a few more lists until you arrive to Norway. According to the World Bank, Norway receives out six million visitors per year, only about twice as much as the tiny nation of Andorra.


Norway, however, is a beautiful country with many sites to behold and activities to participate in. Just because it’s not at the top of any world tourism list doesn’t mean that it’s not worth visiting… In fact, people go on cruises to Norway all the time to see what the country is really like! So, if you’ve decided to head to Norway or are looking for some inspiration on your next destination, check out some of the must-do things in Norway.

Visit Oslo and go to Vigeland Park

Oslo, Norway’s capital city, is a beautiful but expensive city that is quite walkable. Situated near the water, Oslo is home to a number of incredible buildings and historical sites. The impressive buildings and lovely walkways mean you’ll be constantly taking photos as you pass through the streets.

Be sure and check out the Viking Ship Museum which houses three 9th century Viking ships which have been preserved in near perfect condition. Make sure you stop and visit Akershus Fortress as well, situated on the waterfront. The fortress used to serve as a prison but is now open for public viewing.

The most unique site in all of Oslo is Vigeland Park. The park is the work of Gustav Vigeland, a former Norwegian sculptor. The park is the largest sculpture park in the entire world.

The sculptures in the park are quite interesting to say the least and you’ll spend hours walking through the park, wondering what exactly Vigeland was thinking when he came up with these unique creations. 

The Fjords

There are few areas of natural beauty as spectacular as the Fjords. Situated along the coast of Norway, traveling to the fjords can take a bit of time. You’ll either have to take a bus or railway until you can view them in their wondrous glory.

If you’re not sure which ones to visit, check out the Briksdalsbreen or the Nigardsbreen, two of the most famous and most visited fjords.

The area is also open for skiing, so make sure you’re staying a bit longer in the area to capture every moment possible. Do some research before going as many festivals are hosted at the fjords on in the surrounding areas.


Fishing in Norway

Head to the fjords and then to the ocean. Sea fishing in the Norwegian Sea is a popular pastime not only among locals but tourists alike.

Many trips combine fishing in the sea with visiting the fjords themselves, meaning you can double dip for your dose of nature and casting the rod out to catch your own dinner.

No matter how gung-ho you are about fishing, there are plenty of options out there for everyone. Plenty of guides offer tours through freshwater bodies while others will take whole day trips out to the sea. The most popular time to head out fishing is during the summer holidays, when you’re likely to reel in more than your fair share of cod.

The Arctic Circle

While the southern part of Norway often receives most of the attention, many people don’t realize just how far north Norway extends to. In fact, the majority of the northern half of Norway sits in the Arctic Circle.

For those that don’t know, the Arctic Circle is the only place is the world where you can see the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. The Midnight Sun is when the sun never sets (good luck getting any sleep) while the Northern Lights are made when certain particles enter into Earth’s atmosphere.

The most well-known place to travel to is the island of Spitsbergen, an island far north into the Atlantic Ocean. If you don’t want to take a boat, head to the Arctic Circle Center by simply driving.

If you’re in the area during the winter, be sure to check out the ice hotels. For fans of the James Bond movie “Die Another Day”, you may remember part of the movie taking place in an ice hotel. Well, ice hotels are exactly that: hotels made out of blocks of ice. We wouldn’t recommend you stay there for the long haul, but a short stay is definitely an experience to remember.

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