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71 Nyhavn Hotel Review

71 Nyhavn Hotel Review

Even though my first trip to Copenhagen was several years ago and I was only there for a night, I knew that whenever I made it back, I’d want to stay in the Nyhavn area. Sure, it’s uber touristy, but at the same time it showcases Copenhagen’s supreme beauty, especially its striking location on the water. While I enjoyed the hotel I stayed at back in 2015 which was only a few blocks from Nyhavn, this time around I wanted something less chain (the first hotel had been a Best Western) and even closer to Nyhavn. And the 71 Nyhavn definitely fit the bill as it’s right ON Nyhavn (hence its name). Nyhavn is a waterfront canal area but also lends its name to the street.


The hotel is actually situated in two renovated former  warehouse buildings that date from the early 1800s.  (Nyhavn is one of Copenhagen’s more historic areas and at one time it was quite seedy,  as areas along waterfronts tended to be back in the day.)  For a location perspective in terms of other areas of the city, it’s less than a 30 minute walk to the popular Tivoli Amusement Park and around a 20 minute walk to the Church of Our Savior, an iconic house of worship whose spire you can climb offers fantastic views of the city.


I ended up staying in a junior suite. These are located on the top floor of the hotel and in the yellow warehouse. What makes this room super neat and unique is that it’s situated on two floors.   For ours, the bedroom was on the level we walked in at, and then up the windy flight of stairs was a lounge area complete with a sofa and wonderful views of the harbor. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to really enjoy the room. It was  very much  a sleep and shower kind of stay, unfortunately. The junior suite also included a free mini bar,  which being Europe had everything from water to soft drinks to the hometown beer,  Carlsberg.


A view of the harbor from my room.


There were tons of windows in the room but save for the skylights, all ensured privacy in the form of drapes and other coverings. Although I was a bit worried about noise coming from the harbor area, I actually fell asleep quite fine,  although that might have had more to do with being utterly exhausted from jet-lag.  And a huge bonus of the hotel (at least if you’re visiting during the summer months) is that there is air-conditioning. I arrived in Copenhagen at the tail end of a heat wave that had swept across Europe and so it was quite hot.   Having an air-conditioned room to sleep in was a much needed added bonus. In the hotel itself, noise was never an issue even though it was quite busy.

Best-hotels-in-Copenhagen Where-should-I-stay-in-Copenhagen

There is an on-site restaurant but I ate totally off-site,  including getting breakfast pastries from a great spot favored by locals less than a 10 minute walk away called Emmerys (I know, not very Danish sounding).


The only negative was that I wasn’t able to check in upon arrival after my long, overnight trans-Atlantic flight,  which stunk. But this is sadly a reality when arriving at your hotel about 9:15 in the morning. However,  I was able to store my luggage without issue which is the most important thing. And the lobby was super plush too,  if you simply had no desire whatsoever to explore the streets of Copenhagen at that time.

A room at the 71 Nyhavn isn’t cheap but  any Copenhagen hotel right in the city center won’t be  inexpensive.  But for a truly memorable stay in one of Copenhagen’s most iconic and picturesque areas, you can’t go wrong.


71 Nyhavn

Nyhavn 71, 1051 København, Denmark

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