Best Foods To Try In Spain

Spain is an incredibly beautiful country with a vibrant culture and history. The country is most famously known for football, art, and many beautiful sites. But most of all, its delicious cuisine. It’s hard to describe its cuisine as a whole. The reason is that every region of the country has its own traditions and techniques.

Even though there are many affordable flights to Barcelona Spain, Spanish food is what attracts most visitors to the beautiful country. There is a wide variety of amazing dishes that you can try when you visit Spain next time, but here are the top six crowd-pleasers that you have to try.


One of the most famous and iconic dishes that you can find almost anywhere in Spain is tapas. In the major cities in the country, you can find tapas in just about every pub or bar. You might even be served this delicious food along with a beer for free. Although the serving is tiny because it’s like an appetizer, you will enjoy the taste a lot.


Paella is a kind of rice that the Spaniards prepare in a unique way. However, paella is divided into three main dishes.

  1. The Paella Valenciana usually has white rice and a mixture of vegetables. The dish also includes chicken, duck, land snail, or rabbit meat, along with traditional spices.
  2. The Seafood Paella, on the other hand, has delicious rice, which are usually not white. They also have several vegetables, traditional spices, and, as the name suggests, a variety of seafood.
  3. The Paella Mixta is a mixture of a variety of different things. The basics, however, are rice, chicken, seafood, olive oil, and many spices.

If you are out for something unusual, then try Arroz Negro. While most people can’t handle the dish, you must try if you’re a squid lover. No matter which one you go for, a trip to Spain would mean nothing if you didn’t have these delicious rice dishes with a glass of sangria.

Rabo De Toro

You might’ve heard about the bullfights and the festivals where bulls run on the streets behind people in Spain, but you might’ve not known just how much the Spaniards love these magnificent beasts.

Rabo de toro is a delicious stew that is made with a bull’s tail. It may sound a little out of the ordinary, and you might be inclined not to try it, but it’s among the most delicious traditional Spanish dishes.

Tortilla Española

One of the most popular morning dishes in the country is the tortilla española. If you ever have breakfast in a restaurant or café, it’s highly likely that you will find it on their menu. Even the server may recommend the dish to a traveler.

It has a thick texture and is made with a variety of ingredients. Commonly used are potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, and eggs, of course. It is so delicious and easy to eat that it will leave you asking for recipes throughout your trip. But beware, it’s incredibly tricky to make, and even harder to master.

Crema Catalana

If you have ever been to France, it’s unlikely that you missed the chance to eat a crème brulee. The crema catalan is Spain’s version of the delicious dessert.

You might enjoy the crema catalana even more than a traditional crème brulee, as it is served cold and has cinnamon along with lemon rind to add more flavor. Both of which make the dessert amazing, especially on a hot summer day.

Jamón Ibérico

When you are out in a bar feasting on a whole bunch of tapas, it might be hard to miss the sight of enormous meat legs dangling from the walls on the side.

The Spaniards use traditional techniques to make dry-cured ham. Those ginormous legs are what jamón ibérico is. It comes from the black Iberian pigs. You can enjoy slices or huge chunks of the meat with tapas and drinks. Alternatively, you could eat some delicious cheese and get your favorite wine along with jamón ibérico . It will definitely be an incredibly tasty evening.

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