Bibione for the Nature Lover

Bibione for the Nature Lover

Located little more than an hour away from Venice, Bibione is the perfect escape from the crowds of tourists in St. Mark’s Square  looking to take that perfect shot of a gondola against the backdrop of the city’s  beautiful but crumbling buildings. In Bibione, sure, the sea awaits you, and it’s possible to get that golden tan and  do nothing but relax and bask in la dolce vita. But when you tire of the art of doing nothing (even though it’s hard to imagine that), Bibione is also replete with an endless array of outdoor pursuits, many being truly unique and picturesque nature adventures. Here’s the top five you should try on a trip to Bibione.

1.) The Pine Grove

If you’re traveling with children, you won’t want to miss a visit to the Pine Grove. Considered to be one of the most spectacular pine groves found in northern Italy, Bibione’s  is home to a treasure trove of fauna. Bird sightings run the gamut from nightingales and ospreys to kingfishers and the great tit. For mammals, you may even be lucky enough to spot fallow deer and the very rare Hermann’s tortoise and the agile frogs. This is a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature while still allowing children to run free and unencumbered.

2.) The Lighthouse 

For some people (myself included) it doesn’t matter where you travel  in the world, where there’s a lighthouse, it either must be climbed or if that’s not allowed, at least seen up close and personal. There’s nothing more striking than a beautiful shot of a lighthouse. Bibione’s current lighthouse  was built in 1917 and is located just atop the delta of the Tagliamento River. What’s really cool is that the lighthouse was first kept lit with fires which the keepers built and kept continuously burning. Obviously, that is not the case anymore…

3.) Lagoon and historical valley

If Ernest ‘Papa’ Hemingway once loved it, then you know Bibione’s lagoon has merit. The lagoon is home to canals and casoni, old cabins constructed from reeds and wood  that are used as seasonal homes by anglers.  If you think there’s not a single spot in the whole of the Venice metropolitan area that’s authentic, then just travel to the Valle Vecchia, the historical valley. The sea, lagoon, and pinewood give host to an incredible fauna, something you see in few parts of the world. The best part about the lagoon and historical valley? You have multiple ways of visiting,  either by bicycle, walking along the paths, or even by boat along the Veneto waterway.

4.) Isola Della Cona 

Located on the mouth of the Isonzo River in the province of Gorizia, the national park  Isola Della Cona is considered to be the best area in all of Italy for bird watching. Many species of Friuli Venezia Giulia live here as it’s the perfect habitat for them to spend their winters or reproduce during their migrations, as the temperatures during the winter months are still in the high 40s.

5.) The Trezza

Naturally, one can’t go to Bibione and not partake in underwater adventures. The Trezza is the perfect spot for those individuals who love scuba diving, as the floor of the sea and the lagoon in Ligano and Bibione offers a special rocky outcrop that you won’t find many other places. And so, while one wouldn’t think of the waters off the coast of northern Italy as being a special place to scuba dive, the Trezza is and divers will be rewarded with the most unique of marine organisms to see.

There’s so much to see and do in Bibione that no matter what your fancy is, you won’t be disappointed or bored. You can have the quintessential Venetian experience but when you want some authenticity thrown in with incredible outdoor adventures, head to Bibione, subito (right now) or at least start booking your trip through Europa Tourist Group.


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