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    Five Foods To Try In-Ireland

    Five Foods to try in-Ireland

    When I visited Ireland in 2009, I had scores of great meals. Although I didn't do much foodie research prior to going there, we did end up eating at two restaurants and a cafe that had been recommended in my guidebook and none of them disappointed. In fact, were I to return to Ireland in the future, they are definitely spots I would frequent again. And so, if you're headed to Ireland in the future, here are…

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  • James Joyce Tower and Museum

    5 Literary Sites-Dublin

    For a new series, I thought I would do one "literary" themed. Hopefully I'll actually stick with it and will have another city next month to showcase. I decided to begin…

  • Ireland photo essay
    Ireland Photo Essays

    Ireland-a photo essay

    Although I've shared all the below photos in various posts over the years, I thought it would be nice to have all of Ireland "together." I only skimmed the surface in…