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    A visit to Tio Leo’s Coffee Plantation

    A visit to Tio Leo's Coffee Plantation

    During my semester abroad in Costa Rica I had very much wanted to visit a coffee plantation. Living in San Jose meant I was in close proximity to Cafe Britt, the Disneyland of coffee experiences in Costa Rica (from what I've heard). But it should come as no surprise that not a lot of 19/20 year olds wanted to visit a coffee plantation (read: absolutely none). So I never made it to one. When it came time to plan my…

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  • Andaz Costa Rica Dining
    Costa Rica Food Travel

    Andaz Costa Rica Dining

    The Andaz is located in a slightly rural area (although it is about a 40 minute drive from Liberia, the fifth largest city in Costa Rica), it's not an all-inclusive resort.…

  • The Animals of Costa Rica
    Costa Rica Photo Essays

    The Animals of Costa Rica

    When I studied abroad in Costa Rica back in 2005, animal/bird sightings were never a huge priority for me. I know that sounds crazy considering scores of travelers visit Costa Rica…