Delicious Coffee Desserts You Have To Try


Dessert and coffee – the perfect couple! What more could you possibly ask for at the end of a lavish meal with friends and family? How about the combination of both? Stun your guests with these eight delicious coffee desserts you have to try, or perhaps treat yourself to a self-indulgent meal for one!

Coffee is the perfect ingredient in any dessert. You don’t even need to be a coffee drinker to appreciate the flavor of coffee in a dessert. Because coffee is such a strong flavor, only a small quantity is needed to add the essence of coffee to cakes, cheesecakes, trifles, and other desserts.

Because coffee has a slightly bitter flavor, the sugary nature of desserts is the ideal counterpoint. Even if you don’t usually like coffee because it is bitter, you will like the bittersweet flavor of a rich dessert like Tiramisu or coffee and vanilla cheesecake. Some coffee beans also have a rather fruity flavor, which again goes well in a dessert dish.

Start with Good Quality Coffee

Some coffees taste slightly burnt and off-putting. These are likely to be low-quality coffees. Finding high-quality, smooth coffee is a necessity for coffee-based desserts. Using bad coffee in a dessert can ruin the whole thing, as it can make it taste bitter and be very unpleasant. Also, if using ground coffee, using the right tools like a cafetière can totally change the game. If you have a Nespresso coffee machine, Gourmesso coffee pods are an eco-friendly, high-quality solution to achieve your coffee fix, containing zero plastic and zero aluminum. Some people also like to grind their coffee beans themselves for a more authentic coffee taste. Whatever way you like to make your coffee, the one fundamental thing to remember is to find good quality coffee best suited to you.

Read on for some excellent – and delicious coffee-based desserts you have to try.

Classic Tiramisu

The tiramisu originates from the Veneto region in Italy. The primary components of an authentic Italian tiramisu are ladyfingers soaked in coffee, with a creamy sweet mascarpone layer on top, which is then repeated. To finish, it is lightly dusted with cocoa powder. Some like to add alcohol to the tiramisu, but if you want the rich coffee taste to take center stage, then keep it simple and traditional!



Ever heard the saying, ‘less is more?’ The traditional Italian Affogato dessert proves just that. It consists of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with a hot shot of espresso. No more, no less. If you wanted to push the boat out slightly for a more untraditional, unique spin on the Affogato, you might include chocolate to complement the coffee or alcoholic liqueurs such as amaretto.

Cappuccino Cheesecake

The cheesecake is a fail-safe dish to many hosting a dinner party, what’s not to love? A gorgeous crumbly biscuit base, with a luscious layer of cream cheese on top. How about a different take on the chocolate cheesecake? By adding a small amount of coffee to the chocolate cream cheese, it won’t overpower the chocolate aspect to the cheesecake, but both will balance and complement each other perfectly.

Coffee Cream

This is an elegant optional feature to a whole range of desserts. Mixing double cream and a shot of espresso together, you can create a wonderful thick cream that can accompany so many different dishes! For a simple yet stunning take on meringue with forest fruit berries, top it off with some coffee cream to dazzle your guests. Furthermore, a warm cookie dough drizzled in coffee cream would be an extraordinary dish to serve! In many ways it reminds me of the unique tasting egg coffee I tried when I was in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dalgona Coffee

In the midst of lockdown, the infamous trend that had everyone posting across the world on social media was the Dalgona Coffee. To achieve this whipped coffee goodness, you will need to whisk an espresso shot with sugar. We highly recommend using an electric mixer unless you enjoy a good arm workout! Enjoy the Dalgona coffee on top of iced milk. It will certainly be a hit with your guests!

Coffee-Mocha Cake

Who doesn’t love a light sponge cake? Sponge cakes can be flavored with many things, but coffee is an excellent choice. To transform a regular sponge cake into a coffee-flavored cake, add a dessert spoon of liquid coffee to the raw sponge mixture. Whisk it up and bake as normal. The cooked sponge will have a delicious coffee flavor. Finish with some coffee-flavored buttercream icing and top with walnut halves. You can also add crushed walnuts to the sponge mix before baking it in the oven.

For a more decadent coffee sponge, have a go at making a coffee-mocha sponge! For this dessert, make two sandwich layers of coffee-flavored sponge and then make a third chocolate later by adding cocoa powder to the cake mixture. This will create a triple-layered sponge with a coffee and chocolate flavor. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and serve with a dollop of whipped cream. Yum!

Cappuccino Cupcakes

Cappuccino cupcakes are the perfect dessert for a low-key occasion, such as a garden wedding. Mix your sponge with sour cream and strong espresso. Once the cakes are cooked, break up pieces of pretzel to make handles for your cupcakes. Put some cream on top of each cake and sprinkle on some grated chocolate.

Coffee Brownies

Rich, dense chocolate brownies are a treat on any occasion. Give your chocolate brownies some extra kick with the addition of strong espresso. It could be the afternoon pick-me-up you need on a Friday afternoon. If you want to serve your brownies as a dessert, add a dollop of cream or ice cream to the plate, along with a sprinkle of grated chocolate. For best results, serve warm.

As you can see from these desserts, coffee can do all the talking. Don’t try and overcomplicate a coffee-based dessert, as coffee is such a rich and powerful flavor in itself. A hint of chocolate can complement the coffee, maybe a dash of hazelnut or vanilla too, but don’t try and hide the magical taste of the coffee – let it shine through!

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