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(Note: As this was my second time sailing on the Disney Dream ship, I’m not going to review the ship and its offerings as I’ve already done that. You can access those posts by clicking here, here, here, and here. Rather, this post will focus on the unique offerings found on the Very Merrytime Cruises.

One of the reasons I ended up going on a second Disney Cruise in 2015 was to see the ship all decked out in its Christmas finery. Don’t get me wrong, Disney Cruise ships are always gorgeous no matter the time of year, but pictures I had seen online of the ships during the Christmas holidays really made me want to experience it in person. And so that’s how D and I, along with my parents, ended up on the Disney Dream for a three night cruise to the Bahamas in mid-November.


The decorations:

Although I’ve not explored every public area on the ship, most public spaces on board the Dream featured some decor. Obviously, the atrium area (the prettiest part of the ship in my opinion) was decked out the most. The main Christmas tree is here, along with an adorable (and life size) gingerbread house which featured some Disney favorites watching TV on the inside.

  Disney-Christmas-Cruise-Review Disney-Cruise-Christmas Very-Merrytime-Cruises

I especially loved that even Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, also was decorated between a main Christmas tree you see just after getting off of the ship, to the garland that is all over the island, to the fun looking snow men. And being an island in the Caribbean, I especially liked that the decorations feature island touches (i.e. wreaths are decorated with seashells).

  Castaway-Cay-at-Christmas Castaway-Cay-Christmas-decorations Castaway-Cay-in-December


On the first night of the cruise, there was the official lighting of the main Christmas tree in the atrium. Carols were sung along with, of course, your favorite Disney friends. One of the things I love about Disney is that they really do have outfits for every occasion (don’t you just love the sweaters?).


We didn’t end up going to this, but also on the first night of the cruise, there was Santa’s Winter Woodland Ball which heralded the arrival of the guy in the red suit.

  Disney-holiday-cruises Halloween-or-Christmas-Disney-cruise How-much-is-the-Disney-Christmas-cruise

On the final night of the cruise, there were also Christmas carolers decked out in Victorian era garb which was nice and different (I mention this for the people who think a Disney cruise is Disney in your face 24/7).


And of course, along with the standard character appearances where you can get your pictures taken with them and get their autographs, Santa was also an option, and on the last day there was a Storytime with Mrs. Claus.


My final thoughts:

Disney Cruise starts their Very Merrytime Cruises in early November so as ours was before Thanksgiving, it was a little bit hard to feel 100% in the Christmas mood, but all in all, I felt the holiday offerings were a nice added touch to your cruise and certainly the decor made it all the more worthwhile.


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