Five Inspiring Tips for Traveling More in Your 30s

Five Inspiring Tips for Traveling More in Your 30s

Five Inspiring Tips for Traveling More in Your 30s

It has traditionally been the decade when we settle down, perhaps get married, maybe have children and certainly burden ourselves with life-long commitments, both financial and otherwise. But life in your 30s doesn’t have to be that way.

The gap-year was once the exclusive domain of travelers in their late teens and early 20s, going in search of their place in the world and finding it thanks to an alcohol-fueled, bungee jump-speckled adventure. But these days we are seeing people in their 30s looking to explore the world in a different and, perhaps, more rewarding way.

Here are five tips for traveling in your 30s and reasons why it might actually be the best time to tackle the world.

  1. Don’t follow the crowds

Let’s be honest: in our teenage years, we (generally) want to go where the action is. We want to experience the best full moon parties, put ourselves in the thick of the adventure and party our way across whichever continent it is we happen to be on. But in our 30s, our view of the world has changed. We have been there, done that and learned from the hangovers. Now we want to find something new and different. We are at a stage of life when experiences are everything – we want to skip the tourist hotspots and get a sense of what really makes a place unique and see it through the eyes of the locals. So, when you come to plan your trip, keep that in mind. Look for places away from the crowds and you may be more likely to enjoy an altogether more profound escape.

I went on a food tour when I was in the Estonian capital. I’ve always beat to my own drum in terms of what I like to see and do.


  1. It’s OK to take time away from work

We are all ambitious to some degree. We all want a career we can be proud of and one that our friends will be jealous of. But, in our 30s especially, we also want to travel. A lot. 39% of millennial and Generation Z workers say they will only accept a job if it comes with guaranteed overseas business trips, for example, and 30% of millennials would take a lower wage in exchange for a job that meant they could travel. And it’s worth remembering that, while it sometimes feels like you will lose your place in line if you take a sabbatical from work, the truth is your career will still be there when you get back. And if you don’t take your chance to travel when you get it, you may not get such an open opportunity ever again. So, stop stressing about your career for a minute and go for it. Travel enriches us, we learn so much more than we ever could while being chained to our desks. Don’t forget that.


  1. Remember your mistakes from the past and don’t repeat them

We have all made mistakes. We will all make more. The key is to learn from them. And when you head off travelling in your 30s you have the privilege of being able to know when something is a good idea and when it isn’t. So, by all means, have a great time. Have a few drinks and drink in the new experiences. But when someone puts that bottle of tequila down in front of you on the bar, this time you should probably pass. Not only because you’re not 18 anymore and that hangover is going to hit you harder than it ever did in the past. But also because you know that travelling time is too precious to waste it stumbling between your bed and bathroom for 24 hours. Make the most of it and learn from your mistakes.

Five Inspiring Tips for Traveling More in Your 30s

I make it my business to research restaurants in advance. No more mediocre meals for me when I travel.


  1. Remember your unique perspective on the world

It’s hard to understand just how fortunate you are when you head off around the world with your backpack on your shoulders as a teenager. You don’t appreciate the incredible sights you are seeing and the cultures you are learning from. As a 30-something you have gained the gift of perspective. You have seen that you have to work for things in life, you understand what that takes, and you will have a greater understanding of the way the world works – for good and ill. And all of that will ensure your trip is laced with a different sense of understanding. You will appreciate each new place and experience even more, and you may even feel you need to contribute to the destinations you visit; to leave something of yourself behind.

Five Inspiring Tips for Traveling More in Your 30s

Visiting Costa Rica in my 30s was quite a different experience than when I lived there during college.


  1. Spend your new-found wealth wisely

You are almost certainly better off than you were as a teenager. And while that will provide you with many more options and luxuries as a 30-something, it will only do so if you are careful and plan accordingly. You probably won’t want to repeat the overnight bus trips and grim hostel stays you experienced as a teenager. But even though your budget is bigger, don’t assume it will last forever. Plan carefully, treat yourself to the little luxuries you have earned now and again and make the most of your bank balance.

Five Inspiring Tips for Traveling More in Your 30s

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