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Five Sweet Treats You Must Try at Disney World


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Earlier this year I went to Disney World, a place I hadn’t visited since 2002. Although I had been to Disneyland and Disneyland Paris and of course taken countless Disney cruises since then, I hadn’t been back to Florida’s version of the most magical place on earth in all that time. I don’t really feel the need to blog about Disney World since let’s face it, that blogging content market is a LOT over-saturated. But I did want to try one blog post at least, this one on the five sweet treats you must try while at Disney World.

My thoughts on Disney World as a woman in her mid-30s? Umm, I’m good for a bit (if forever) although I still want to continue with my quest of making it to all of the Disney theme parks worldwide (so I still need to visit the ones in China and Japan and they’ll be such  incredible cultural experiences in their own right).


The gorgeous main dining room at Be Our Guest

So here are the five sweet treats you must try at Disney World, in my humble, subjective opinion:


I loved the incorporation of the Tangled film into the New Fantasyland

1.) The Adventure Is Out There Cone

The film Up is one of my favorite Pixar movies, second only to perhaps my beloved Ratatouille. I love everything about the first part of the film, when the shy and timid Carl first meets the loud and boisterous Ellie, and then too once they’re married; there’s no song sweeter than  “Married Life.”

The Adventure Is Out There Cone is available at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. It comprises a blue sugar cone topped with mango soft-serve and a candy balloon piece which of course is what pays homage to the film.  (If you need an Up refresher, in the film Carl and Russell fly away in Carl’s house due to an insane number of balloons that are affixed to it.)  The candy balloon piece is actually a layer of white chocolate holding together fruit-flavored candy balls.


This was probably the neatest thing to visually see. From a consumption perspective, not so much. Being Florida, the ice cream was melting faster than I could lick it and the candy balloon piece was next to impossible to bite into without getting ice cream all over myself.

2.) The Grey Stuff

It truly was awesome eating at the Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland since Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my all-time favorite Disney movies. If you need that film’s refresher, in the musical number “Be Our Guest” the character of Lumiere is singing to Belle, “try the grey stuff it’s delicious, don’t believe me, ask the dishes.”


Inside the beast’s lair

Well, at the Be Our Guest restaurant, the grey stuff is made up of a white chocolate mousse and red velvet cake with a sweet raspberry center. Now this was delicious, especially since every last bite was capable of being eaten. But is there anything that the French don’t get right in regards to le cuisine?


The Red Headed Traveler’s tip: If you’re traveling to Disney World, definitely try to secure a reservation at Be Our Guest for dinner. It’s incredible the level of detail that went into creating it.

3.) Cheshire Cat Tail

Lest you think you’re eating a cat tail, think again. No, this sweet, decadent treat is merely a chocolate croissant meant to resemble the incorrigible and cunning feline from the 1950s film Alice in Wonderland, with of course colored frosting dotting said tail to resemble Cheshire’s.

There’s never been a croissant I didn’t love, especially one filled with chocolate. I would say this treat is probably best on a cooler day (if such a thing exists in Florida) when it can be fully enjoyed with a hot beverage since Cheshire Cafe is a quick service, outdoor only stand located in Fantasyland.


4.) Ice cream at L’Artisan des Glaces

I have always loved Epcot’s World Showcase, especially when I was a child and dreamed about visiting all of the countries  comprising it (for the record I’ve been to nine of the eleven countries represented, not bad…). With my trip back there in March, my favorite thing that I did was, you guessed it, visiting the World Showcase even if I was mildly annoyed to see Turkish items being sold in the Morocco pavilion…


France was always one of my personal top attractions in the World Showcase, most notably for the awesome food options there, including  L’Artisan des Glaces. If your French is rusty (or non-existent), the word glace means ice cream and the French are masters with it. They have your standard American  flavors but also more exotic, French-style ones (I recommend going with the former).


So as you’re licking your boule of glace, just imagine you’re in Paris  and not in swampy central Florida.

5.) Cinnamon Roll

Okay, I don’t mean to be so partial to Beauty and the Beast, but the film is getting more love from me. Gaston’s Tavern is also located in the New Fantasyland and offers quick service dining. Although there’s no comparison to the level of food you’ll get at Be Our Guest, if you’re not able to secure a reservation there, at least get something at Gaston’s, preferably the giant cinnamon roll. Inside, the tavern resembles the one in the film, just perhaps brighter and lacking the trois femmes who are constantly swooning after Gaston.



The cinnamon bun is a standard  bun (no extra allure to it) except that it’s massive and multiple people can partake and feel like they’ve gotten their share. Gaston’s is indoors and it can be hot as hell outside so you’ll be able to fully enjoy it.


What are your five sweet treats you must try at Disney World?

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