Friday Fantasy-Prague

Yes, I know…it’s no longer Friday but sometimes I do need a break from blogging. However, I am usually active on a daily basis over on my Facebook page (click here to get there) posting the random assortment of comments, links to cool articles, and pictures.

I’ve been to Europe six times, visiting eight countries there (some an impressive three times), as well as one time where I lived there for 4.5 months as a student. But in all my European journeys, I’ve never made it east of Italy and I’d really like to remedy that one of these days. There are few Central and Eastern European countries I wouldn’t not want to visit (I’m not gonna lie, Moldova and Romania are a bit lot farther down the wish list). I’d love to do a Baltic Sea cruise; I’d love to visit the Ukraine, my great-grandparents ancestral homeland; and of course making it to Hungary and Poland would be pretty spectacular.  But the city I’m currently obsessed with is Prague. I’m a city girl-I grew up in one and continue to live in a city. While I definitely enjoy visits to more rural areas especially those with spectacular natural scenery, when I’m traveling to a foreign country, cities definitely have their benefits-more people are apt to speak some English, more services are available, and it’s almost always easier to get around on one’s own without having to rent a car.

Prague looks stunning. In many ways pictures I’ve seen of it remind me of Brugge, Belgium. But then it also looks to have its own distinct self-the Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Josefov (the Jewish Quarter). While there are certainly some sights in Western European countries dealing with Jewish culture and history, there’s not obviously as much as in Eastern and Central European countries (ironically enough I think the most interaction I had with Jewish history and culture was in Spain of all places). But in Prague there are countless historical sites tied with the Jewish history-numerous synagogues, Holocaust memorials, and the famous Jewish cemetery.


I’ve yet to make any plans for next year although Peru is STILL at the top of my wish list (I really want to visit a Spanish speaking country and a return to the South American continent would be pretty cool). But a part of me can’t help but gravitate to Prague. Everyone calls it a fairytale city and even with never having been, I definitely agree.


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