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Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort-Hotel Review

If there ever were such a thing as a hotel “fitting the bill,” the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort hotel would be it. Although staying on site in Disney World at one of its hotels is definitely recommended as you’re much closer to the parks and have access to its ground transportation ย options free of charge, in Disneyland it’s not really needed. Whereas Disney World is a sprawling complex and at one time undeveloped swamp land in central Florida, Disneyland was built in the thick of Anaheim, a city already developed by the time the resort was being built. And so everything, both the Disneyland park and California Adventure is close together, including its “good neighbor” hotels right across the street from the parks on South Harbor Boulevard. The Fairfield Inn is one of the “good neighbor” hotels.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort-Hotel Review

I am all for luxury hotels but not necessarily when at a theme park. One goes to a theme park to be at the theme park, not to be inside their hotel room. So while staying at one of Disneyland’s three onsite hotels I’m sure would have been spectacular, I just could not justify spending hundreds of dollars each night on a hotel room we would be spending very little time in. We ended up paying $131 a night for a room which, compared with everything else at Disneyland, seemed like a bargain. However, unlike at other Fairfield Inns, parking was not free ($10 a day), nor was there a free breakfast. But if you arranged for inexpensive ground transfers between John Wayne Airport and the hotel like we did, the parking fee was not applicable and the breakfast matter, not a big deal.

We arrived at the hotel about 2 PM and even though checkin isn’t until 4 PM, our room was ready. The hotel is designed in the typical Spanish/southwestern style as in hallways to rooms are outside. We unfortunately were on the third floor (we were hoping for higher as there are 10 floors total) but in the scheme of things were glad we weren’t stuck with a ground floor room, especially one on the parking lot side. It seemed that those rooms would be subject to noise and activity at all hours of the night. Our room was ample size with a king bed (double beds are the other option), a sofa bed, a desk area and a vanity that was outside of the bathroom. While our room was cleaned each day, the bathroom developed a somewhat funky odor that never really went away. Unlike some bathrooms that don’t have windows, there was no ventilation fan so I’m not quite sure what it was. It was limited to the shower area so we didn’t inquire about it being checked out. It seemed pretty insignificant since most days we were at the parks for more than 12 hours.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort-Hotel Review

While there is no onsite restaurant, there is a Pizza Hut with very limited hours, serving breakfast between 5 and 11 AM, and offering traditional Pizza Hut fare between 5 and 10 PM. Guests also have the option of ordering room service from a restaurant that is adjacent to the hotel, Millie’s Restaurant. The menu seemed to offer standard Applebee’s fare (chicken fingers, hamburgers, etc).

For recreation, the hotel does have a swimming pool which is in the parking lot area (it is nicely shrouded by bushes). We unfortunately never swam since during the first couple of days the temperatures were somewhat cool and by the end of our trip we were simply too tired by the time we returned from the park to do little else but sit and relax. Also onsite is a gift shop which offers standard souvenirs along with slightly overpriced drugstore items (you’re paying for the convenience).

Overall, I was pleased with our stay at the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Resort Hotel and I would definitely recommend it to others, especially those looking for relatively inexpensive accommodations so that they can have a great time inside Disneyland.

Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort
1460 South Harbor Boulevard

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