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Hotel Torbräu Review

Hotel Torbräu Review

Originally I had planned to stay elsewhere in Munich. But after going back and forth on how much money I’d spending for a three night stay considering how little time we’d actually be in the room due to my desire to see and do as much as humanly possible, I ended up changing our reservation to the Hotel Torbräu. And it was one of the best decisions I made the entire trip.

Situated right in the heart of Munich’s city center, its location can’t be beat. It’s less than a ten minute walk to the famed Marienplatz (even less time to the Hofbräuhaus, if that’s your thing). It’s also located right next to the Isartor (tor means gate in German), one of the four main gates of the medieval city wall which served as a fortification for Munich’s defense during Gothic times. How often can you say you looked out of your hotel room right in the middle of a city and saw a medieval gate?

Hotel Torbräu Review

Due to our overnight flight arriving quite early in the morning and there being very little traffic in from the airport, we were at the hotel about 10AM. At first we were told our room was not ready but then less than five minutes later, we were told a room in another category had become available so naturally we took that.

The Hotel Torbräu is family-run and its smaller size reflects this. It’s considered to be Munich’s oldest hotel (dating back to the 15th century if you can believe it) and it’s been run by the Kirchlechner family since 1903. We would stay at a Marriott in Prague later in our trip (a combination of having two free nights and a superb  location), but it’s always so nice when you stay at a non-chain hotel, when you really can see and feel the hotel’s unique personality and charm as the Hotel Torbräu had.

I had booked a Deluxe Double Room and even though it cost quite a bit more than the other room categories (standard double room or the superior double room), it cost less than where I had originally made reservations. The room was incredibly spacious (it’s the largest dimensions-wise save for the suites).

Hotel Torbräu Review

In addition to the great view we had, the room consisted of a double bed, desk, small sofa and coffee table, television and lounge chair. It also had nice touches like an espresso machine (we didn’t use this) and a hot water kettle,  along with biscuits (cookies) and a good selection of tea bags which we made use of one night (so unlike southern Europe where hot tea is an anomaly). The only thing I didn’t care for was the bed’s lack of bedding (it was very European as you had a bottom sheet and the comforter and that was it, no top sheet). But I’m bedding particular I suppose.

Hotel Torbräu Review

The bathroom was also a pleasant surprise, specifically the shower. It was ridiculously large and the shower was the size of some Paris hotel rooms. It also had a plethora of spouts to choose from,  which  resulted in my being doused with cold water when trying to figure out which was which.

Hotel Torbräu Review

Your room rate included a buffet breakfast,  always a great way to start the day,  especially in Europe where breakfast isn’t too big a deal. There was a wide selection of cold meats and cheeses, breads and rolls (both sweet and non-sweet), pretzels (D’s favorite), and being in Germany, the famous sausage only eaten before 12PM, Weisswürste (white sausage). I was happy to try these since I learned that they are traditionally only served until mid-day because preservatives are not used, the meat is not smoked, and so the sausage is made fresh every day.  They’re often referred to as morning sausages. While we didn’t partake, it seemed that you could have eggs made to order. The breakfast room was  open and airy,  overlooking the street. There is an actual (separate) restaurant on-site but we never went to it as I was too anxious to try other local spots.

Hotel Torbräu Review Hotel Torbräu Review

While we always put our “please make up the room” sign each day we went out (and we started our days rather early and were typically out into the later afternoon), we never came back to an unmade room. The other big plus for me was that there were never any disturbances at night or overnight;  I’ve stayed at one too many hotels where this has happened.

Hotel Torbräu Review

The staff at the hotel was terrific-both helpful and friendly.  Special kudos to them as we were actually able to borrow a plug adaptor for the walls so that we could use our electronics (the voltage was fine, the prongs differed).

Staying at the Hotel Torbräu was the best Plan B decision ever and I am so glad I changed reservations. I can’t recommend a stay here enough.

Note: While there is a small elevator, it’s not until the first floor (or second floor going by American standards). So just keep that in mind for any mobility issues.

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Hotel Torbräu Review

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