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How to get a job after traveling


There comes a time in every traveler’s life, when things have to go back to normal. Whether your funds have run out, or your time abroad is simply coming to a close, there’s nothing sadder than saying goodbye to all your new travel-buddies and getting on a plane one last time. You may be feeling a little low, but now you need to be looking ahead to the future.

Perhaps you’re ready to settle down, or maybe you want to fund your next traveling adventures. Either way, you’re going to need a job, and if you’ve been traveling the world for a few months you might be a little concerned about that gaping hole in your CV. The idea of finding a job or even getting an interview after a career break is certainly daunting, however, I’ve compiled a simple guide to help you get hired after traveling.


Tidy up that CV

As mentioned above, you may be concerned about the gap in your CV. Yes, you may not have been in employment, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t building on various skills and being constantly pushed out of your comfort zone. Brush up your CV and cover letters, being careful to avoid plagiarism – check out Scribbr and their plagiarism checkers here – and make sure you’re noting down all the skills that you’ve learned and mastered whilst on your travels. Coping under extreme pressure, building on your communication skills, problem-solving and being resourceful. All of these skills are transferable and are often exactly what employers are looking for. Don’t be shy about it, let them know you have the skills and attitude that they want!


Social media is your friend

The first thing that many employees will look at these days after a CV is your social media pages. Of course, LinkedIn is ideal for networking, receiving recommendations from previous employers and highlighting all of your aptitudes. Make sure it’s up to date and professional. The same applies to your Facebook page and Instagram. Consider removing any photos or opinions that may not reflect the person you are today, and ask yourself if you were an employer – would you hire you?


Be ready to answer questions

When you reach the interview stage, you need to be prepared to answer questions relating to your career gap. The only answer here is to be honest. Let them know where you went away and why you decided to go travelling. You did it because it was right for you. Now you’re back home you’re wanting to harness your drive and your passion into a career. Reassure them that you’re ready to get back to work and start this new chapter of your life. Some employees may have reservations, but just be honest and let your passion shine through.


Don’t give up

If you’ve had some time away from the world of work then things are going to be daunting. And you may find yourself struggling to either find a job that you want to apply for or actually land a new role. Be patient. These things take time. As long as you are persistent then you’ll reach your employment goals.


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