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Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review

Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review

Earlier this year I signed up for a Hyatt rewards credit card and after spending x amount of dollars within the first three months, you receive two free nights at any Hyatt property in the world, no exclusions. (You know the incredibly cool looking and extremely expensive hotel in the movie Lost in Translation? Well, that’s a Hyatt property, the Park Hyatt to be exact and yes, you could use your two free nights there.) Sadly, a trip to Tokyo or Sydney (another very expensive city where there is also an incredibly posh and deluxe Hyatt property) was not in my cards this year so Boston it was. The Hyatt Regency to be exact.


This is probably one of the things I liked most about the hotel. Its location was truly central and just top notch all around. Areas like the North End and downtown (the Hyatt is in Chinatown/Theater District neighborhood) were between a 15-30 minute walk (the higher number is for the North End). It’s also less than a 10 minute walk to multiple T stations on different lines.

Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review

Checking In/the lobby

I’ve seen this in a few other city hotels, but the lobby is on the third floor. So from street level, you traverse down a small ramp and then can take the elevator (or walk) to the third floor to check-in. Even though we arrived early in the morning (about 10:30 AM) thankfully our room was  ready which was terrific. Although we didn’t really hang out in the lobby at all, there’s ample seating in addition to a bar area. It also had one of my favorite things which are becoming the norm at more hotels, fruit infused water. It’s always so refreshing coming back to your hotel and being able to get a cup of cold water that tastes like fruit.

Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review

The room

My minor disappointment was that our room was only on the seventh floor. It’s silly and somewhat petty but I just really dislike being on a lower floor (there are over 20 floors in the hotel). The room was quite spacious though and had a decent view (it was prettiest at night when the buildings were lit up). It had a modern looking divan as well as a reading chair and table. The bed was extremely comfortable and had it not been for the hellish people on our floor (more on that below), it was pretty awesome. The bathroom was also a great size (i.e. the complete opposite of Paris hotel bathrooms). Housekeeping was efficient all of the days.

Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review


The hotel has both an indoor pool and fitness center. Being a fancier Hyatt right in the downtown of a major city, I expected a bit more from the pool. It is very large (complete with a lane to do laps) but the inside appeared to be somewhat outdated, not to mention it was a bit cold (we did go down after 9 PM-the pool is open until 11 PM). I was so hoping for a Jacuzzi or hot tub especially after discovering how cold the pool’s water temperature was, but alas there is none. Outside though there is a nice patio with good views of the city. The fitness center has your standard workout machines along with a couple of televisions to occupy the time. My other critique is that from the elevators, it’s a bit of a walk to this area (they’re right next door). Thankfully, only being on the seventh floor came in handy as our room was a few floors above the fitness center/pool so we just took the stairs. But I can see it being a hike for those guests with small children, as there was also a big set of stairs involved.

Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review


As we were right in the downtown with so much near to us, we didn’t eat at the restaurant in the hotel. Less than a five minute walk from the hotel there is a terrific restaurant (Legal Crossing) and a great coffee shop (Cafe Amaro) so I’d say go local.


As I intimated above, we had a terrible experience in regards to other guests. No, this was not the fault entirely of the Hyatt, but it certainly casts a bad impression overall of our stay. After being up since 5:30 AM for our flight, being on the go all day, and then seeing a Red Sox game that evening, once we finally got back to the hotel after 11 PM, all we wanted to do was crash. Of course, that was not possible as our room was in very close proximity to individuals (read: utter assholes) who wanted to keep the party going. Screaming, carrying on-this went on for hours. About 2 AM D finally got dressed and went down to the front desk to complain. He was told that they were handling it (presumably they had gotten other complaints?). Well, 15-20 minutes went by and the crap continued. I then got dressed and went down to complain. At almost 3 in the morning I was serious in asking if we could just switch rooms. Naturally I was told the hotel was all booked and there was nothing they could do. They sent someone else up to talk to the room’s occupants. I was told one more time and they would be kicked out, but having run into this before, I don’t see a hotel ever actually doing this unless the guests are trashing the room. To me, hotels don’t fully care enough about when a guest’s stay is being horribly marred. I returned to my room just as the staff member was talking to the people in the other room and while he was definitely more chastising in tone, to hear the people respond with “well, we just wanted to stay up for a bit,” and “oh, we’re sorry, we didn’t realize” was infuriating to hear. To scream, to carry on when it’s the middle of the night is just mind boggling and upsetting. You’re in a public space, nice to know that you don’t give an F about the other guests; it’s all about you. I started using ear plugs and taking sleep aids the next two nights but D said the stuff continued, just maybe on as “horrendous” a scale as the first night. I realize a hotel can only do so much, but to me people should not be allowed to get multiple warnings. One and then you go. The Hyatt in this case essentially made this one room’s occupants more important than countless other rooms. Sadly, this is not the first time something like this has happened during a hotel stay.


You don’t get to pick who stays at a hotel. So unfortunately it’s always a gamble when staying somewhere along with hundreds of other people. Had it not been for the horrible assholes that were near to us, I would give my stay at the Hyatt a pretty perfect rating. But obviously something like that can prove to be quite negative as it was. However, it’s a very popular lodging option in Boston and I have no doubt that others’ stays are wonderful and perfect. It’s really just a crap shoot anymore.

Hyatt Regency Boston-Hotel Review

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