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Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

Unlike in Copenhagen, I wanted to make sure I didn’t shortchange Vancouver, the departure point for our Alaska cruise. So instead of just staying there one night  prior, we stayed two. And even two nights didn’t seem like it was enough time.    That’s no surprise considering Vancouver is a major city (the third largest in Canada) with so much to see and do. I didn’t do a ton of hotel research in Vancouver since once I learned my free Hyatt e-night could be used at the Hyatt Regency there, a property right in the downtown with easy access to countless sights, I was sold. Nothing beats having one of your nights be free.

The location

The Hyatt Regency is located in the heart of the city’s downtown. In the immediate vicinity, it’s definitely more business oriented (i.e. office buildings, skyscrapers, commercial shops, a mall even); however, in less than 10 minutes when going towards the water, you’ll be at the cruise terminal and the extremely popular Canada Place.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

Burrard Street-the street of the hotel

When we went to find breakfast on Sunday morning (we had arrived the day before), walking around, the area was pretty dead and yet unlike in other cities, this didn’t feel the least bit unsettling. Now Monday,  the day our cruise left,  was a different matter. The streets were clogged with both pedestrians and vehicles;  obviously it didn’t help matters that two cruises were arriving and subsequently departing that day.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

A unique authentic Dali creation

There is a hotel literally  at the cruise terminal  (the Fairmont Waterfront).  However, I wouldn’t have wanted to stay there. Yes, it would have been a bit easier  on the day our cruise left to just have wheeled our luggage over, but the rest of the time, it would have felt too nuts and maddening. I appreciated walking a short distance and having slightly less chaos.

While we didn’t ride their train (it’s called the Skytrain), Burrard Station is located right across from the hotel so if you do need to go further afield, voila.

Public spaces 

The lobby area was always bustling,  not surprising as it is a major chain hotel that clearly caters to both business travelers and tour groups. The lines to check in or ask a question could be long at times but there were always  multiple staff members working so you weren’t at the mercy of  one lone worker.

This seems to be the norm anymore (and something I’ve written about countless times) but there was also a water station at the check-in desk which I just adore. It definitely helped considering the weekend we were in Vancouver, the weather was beautiful but warm.

There is a Starbucks on-site (remember when I told you that Vancouver was home to the first “international” Starbucks?), however, we never partook. When visiting other cities, I like trying out new coffee places even if they do happen to be a small chain in that area. It shouldn’t come as ANY surprise when I tell you the Starbucks at the hotel was ALWAYS mobbed. And being a Hyatt, there’s also a restaurant on-site,  the Mosaic Grill, but I also had no interest in dining there. Not to say hotel restaurant fare is bad, but come on. You’re in a huge city,  home to countless amazing culinary experiences, you should be trying one of those.

The pool

For me, a major plus is always a hotel that has a pool and even better, an outdoor one with cool city views. Now granted, even though the literature said the pool was heated, that’s debatable. It was somewhat in the shade, the sun obscured by much taller buildings. Thankfully, there was also a rather spacious hot tub which I definitely enjoyed.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

I never work out on vacations but there’s also a gym adjacent to the pool if you can’t get away from the exercise grind while traveling.

The room

I have to say one of my favorite parts about the room was the view. We had a pretty spectacular viewing gallery of the famed Fairmont Empress Hotel. (It’s one of the oldest hotels in the city and has been host to countless dignitaries over the years including Queen Elizabeth; they also offer afternoon tea so when I return to Vancouver, I definitely want to take advantage of this.)

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

The room was incredibly spacious,  especially the king size bed.  (One of my favorite parts about traveling and staying in hotel rooms, more sleeping space!)   There was a small dorm-size fridge which we made use of since it was completely empty.  (Is it just me, or are stocked mini bars becoming a thing of the past? More and more hotel rooms just seem to have empty fridges which I’m sure is what the majority of travelers want anyway.)

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Review

And thankfully, we had no noisy/obnoxious neighbors which I do consider rather miraculous considering how busy and bustling the hotel was the entire time we were there.

Closing thoughts

All in all, our stay at the Hyatt Regency was near perfect. Sure, staying in a chain hotel undoubtedly means no unique experiences or decor (especially the latter), and yet, when your time in a new destination is on the shorter side, sometimes generic and predictable wins out. I wouldn’t think twice of staying here again in the future.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver 

655 Burrard Street

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