LA: opulent, upbeat and in-your-face (guest post)

LA. The City of Angels is a town where dreams are made and broken. In-your-face, glamorous and upbeat, it’s a place that sings, acts and dances to its own tune whether you’re queuing for a lip-smacking chili dog at renowned Pink’s or reclining at M Cafe de Chaya with the ladies who lunch.

Most people who’ve trodden the Hollywood Walk of Fame, window shopped on Rodeo Drive dreaming of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere or seen one of the most awe-inspiring pictures of the night sky from the Griffith Observatory will tell you that traveling with four wheels is almost imperative in this crazy pattern of freeways, malls and palm-fringed boulevards.
With a stunning Pacific coast location, shore time also comes high on the list of those on all-inclusive holidays and chilled-out beach breaks in the sun. For an escape from the sun’s rays, the Aquarium of the Pacific offers kids, big and small, a mesmerising insight into what lies beneath the ocean around LA and beyond. Besides the cute otters and fascinating sharks, interesting exhibits on ocean and environmental science feature on the programme, offering much more than a kids’ day out.
Fine art and natural history also come with the complete LA package, which might be surprising to some. Hidden gems like MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Getty Center prove that it’s not just the fantasy land you see in the movies. This said, you should definitely explore Hollywood, the place with the most iconic sign in the world, golden Malibu Beach, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios – a must if you’re a fan.
LA’s not all about the city streets, though. If you have chance, take a trip into the Santa Monica mountains and set out on the six-mile Mishe Mokwa Trail. Passing a red rock canyon en route, you’ll find oak trees and wildflowers along your path up to the range’s highest peak, Mount Allen. Visit in Spring to smell heady scents of honeysuckle emanating from the green-clad peaks up to the tallest point at Sandstone Peak. Pack a picnic and enjoy lunch under the shade of an oak tree, but steer clear of the weekends if you want any hope of having some time to yourself up there.
Screenwriters rub shoulders with musicians rub shoulders with surfers in this shiny optimistic town, which must be visited to be truly appreciated. So don’t dismiss Los Angleles before you come: take some time to mark out the sights which might escape most people’s radars, and discover the real soul of this city.
Image by Eric Chan, used under Creative Commons license

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    November 22, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Beautiful picture! LA sounds a lot like Mumbai in India 🙂

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