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(Mini) Restaurant Review: JW Marriott Ihilani’s Ushio-Tei (Oahu, Hawaii)

I’m not going to lie…I’m the least bit burnt out from the Hawaii posts (I know, the horror). While I could look at and post pictures of gorgeous Hawaii all the time, writing posts that are usually on the longer side becomes a bit tedious after a while. I always pack a lot in during my trips and so this usually means I have a slew of things to share.

I had always planned on writing a full review of our meal at Ushio-Tei, a Japanese restaurant at the JW Marriott Ihilani, but as I’ve been back from Hawaii for over a month I figured it was about time I wrap things up so without further ado here’s a restaurant review mini-recap.

What: Ushio-Tei (it means the subtle tides of Hawaii). Dinner is served nightly from 6-9 PM although on Fridays and Sundays, an all you can eat buffet (tabehodai) is offered. This is what we went for.

Where: JW Marriott Ihilani in Ko Olina (Oahu)

Cost: $43 pp for adults/ children ages 5-12 $21.50

Types of offerings: Cold and hot selections (multiple salads, poke, edamame, Japanese style pickles, eight maki-sushi selections, and eight hot selections including teriyaki steak, fried rice, miso salmon, and shrimp and vegetable tempura). The dessert table was also expansive and featured a variety of Western and Japanese selections.


Opinion: I liked some of the food selections more than others. It was definitely pricey but the idea of being able to eat a Japanese buffet is what grabbed my attention to begin with. And if you’re a big eater, you could definitely get your money’s worth. In addition a Japanese style buffet is hardly the same thing as partaking in one at an American fast food establishment so one shouldn’t feel “as” guilty from a diet standpoint.


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