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Nicky’s Thai Kitchen (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

Nicky's Thai Kitchen (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

While Nicky’s Thai Kitchen has been around for years at its location in Pittsburgh’s North Side, a couple of years ago they opened another branch in the city’s Cultural District where I’ve now had the privilege of dining twice, most recently back in June.

We had tickets one week night to see the stage version of Mary Poppins and as this was less than a week after our big European cruise adventure, I wanted to keep the dining bill on the smaller side and Nicky’s was just the place to do it.

Reservations are accepted for dinner and I highly recommend making one as the place can get quite busy even during the work week (it’s the only Thai restaurant in the downtown and in an area with a lot of foot traffic between offices, the convention center, and performing arts venues).

The inside is quite lovely featuring many decor pieces from Thailand. A minor critique is the television set above the bar (I feel it slightly reduces its classy dining feel), which most diners see as the interior space is not that large. But as I said, minor.

Nicky's Thai Kitchen (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

Both D and I started off with new favorites of ours, Thai Iced Tea ($2.50). My favorite might still be the one I tried of D’s at the Thai restaurant out in Moab, Utah but this was still quite tasty.

Nicky's Thai Kitchen (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

We decided to split an order of the Samosas to start ($6.50). Thai-style samosas are a sweeter version of the Indian ones and these fried pastries were stuffed with potatoes, carrots, and green peas, and served with cucumber sauce. If you’re ever unsure of what to order at a Thai restaurant, you can’t go wrong with these. They’re also not at all spicy and perfect for everyone. It’s a dish I can always order and always be entirely pleased with.

Nicky's Thai Kitchen (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

As we were headed to the theater and I wanted to be extra careful with my ordering, I selected the Thai-Style Fried Rice ($12), having it come with beef. Thai fried rice is made with jasmine rice instead of the traditional white, long grain. Although I denoted no spice, it didn’t have a ton of flavor either. I know it’s still possible to have something be not spicy but still come with flavor. However, eating bland before sitting in a theater for two+ hours is never a bad thing either.

Nicky's Thai Kitchen (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

D selected the Param Chicken ($15.50) for his main course. This consisted of marinated grilled chicken over steamed mixed vegetables and then topped with homemade peanut sauce. He thoroughly enjoyed it, even having some to take home with him.

Nicky's Thai Kitchen (Pittsburgh): Restaurant Review

While it was quite busy the night we were there, service was attentive and fast. Nicky’s is truly the perfect place to go if you’re seeing a show and want to make sure you’re finished in time. And oh, the food is quite tasty too.

Nicky’s Thai Kitchen (Downtown)

903 Penn Avenue | Pittsburgh, PA.  | 15222

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