Oahu Sunsets

I’m not going to lie…the sunsets on Oahu were slightly disappointing. When you travel to a tropical island you expect to see these sunsets that are so incredible you think they’re fake. Not to mention, you don’t need to be some advanced photographer to capture them because let’s be honest, the sunset does all the work for you; you just need to watch. However, the nights that I was prepared to watch the sunsets, as in I was sitting outside, ready to start putting my DSLR to work, the clouds would never break and thus block out said sun. I guess I was spoiled on Maui since when I was there I never staked out any sunsets, I just got lucky with gorgeous pictures. Well, decide for yourself if you think the below pictures are worthy of acclamation 🙂

My first night on Oahu and this was the sunset I got-it was doubly sad since Ko Olina was said to have some of the best sunsets on the island due to its location and yet I saw a lot of “duds”

I do love when the sky changes colors

Out on the open sea, literally

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