Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

Pittsburgh’s Strip District has a slew of cool places to check out, but my personal favorite might just be the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company. Established in 1902, it is the city’s number one Italian imported foods store and vendor of fine artisinal cheeses. When I say that it has just about everything from a culinary facet, I am not joking.

When I used to work in the Strip, I often visited here, sometimes to buy (generally olive oil as their prices are the best), but mostly just to browse the incredible array of wares.

Spices, seasonings, salamis, Parmesan cheese-it’s all here.

My favorite thing about the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company is its cheese selection. Although it’s an Italian food store, its cheese selection is a global smorgasbord. There are your well known cheeses like cheddar and Mozzarella but then there are selections from countries like Norway, Portugal, Argentina. And the best part about getting cheese from here? The prices are incredible (like most everything in the Strip). I bought sizable amount of Spanish Manchego cheese a few weeks ago from here and it cost less than $10 USD.

And then there are the “things” that I don’t particularly care for but still respect from a culinary background.

Dried cod anyone?

And like so much of “old fashion style” grocery stores, they still make a ton of products in-house. So while you’re buying that box of frozen and uninspiring box of Mrs. T’s pierogis, or mass produced, end of the world ready dry pasta, just imagine that you could be feasting on homemade pastas just like your Nonna used to make.

And last but not least, there’s olive oil.  You have your wall of olive oil selections from around the world and then you even have Pennsylvania Macaroni’s own dipping oils.

A trip to the Strip District is always a treat, but a stop inside Pennsylvania Macaroni Company will be a truly memorable experience (I promise).

While I tried to highlight some of the main offerings of the store, I didn’t even come close to sharing with you all that they have. If a trip to Pittsburgh isn’t in the works, at least check out their website and see all the amazing things they have to offer.

Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

2000 block of Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh’s Strip District

P.S. Yes, there are homemade Italian sweets in the store and yes there is a cheese club…I’m just saying.

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