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e2 brunch review- (Pittsburgh)

E2 brunch reviews

When I read that the Highland Park eatery e2 had a separate menu just for donuts for its brunch, I knew that a visit was in order. While I love sweets of any kind, donuts could be my downfall, as in I can never resist them (thankfully, I make sure to not frequent Dunkin Donuts too often). Unfortunately, it took well over a year to actually make it to e2 for brunch since Highland Park is somewhat of a long drive to get to from where we live. But when the weather seemed opportune for visiting the zoo one Saturday last month, plans were made to finally make it to this “hipster” eatery (if you would like to know what e2 stands for, take a number).

e2 is a small, neighborhood-style eatery serving Italian/European inspired dishes for dinner and more eclectic offerings at brunch, although first and foremost it works towards sourcing locally. I had read that it was a small space and the people who said that truly weren’t kidding. We arrived shortly after 10 AM (brunch on the weekend starts at 9 AM) and thankfully we had to wait less than five minutes for a table to be cleaned.

E2 brunch reviews

Being such a small space, you are very near to your dining neighbors. As a result, it can get extremely loud inside but at brunch I’m not exactly expecting an intimate affair.

My very slight disappointment had to do with the donuts as the donut menu on the website appeared to be somewhat outdated. I adore anything lavender and was saddened to discover that the lemon lavender donuts I was hoping to order were not available. We ended up going with the chocolate espresso ones, which were rich and definitely glutinous inducing. As the Saturday we went was an extremely hot day, in hindsight we probably should have gone with a lighter type. You get five in all and unless you’re planning to only eat donuts at E2, one order is more than enough to share with someone else. Donuts from the “OMG” menu are all $5 each.

For my entree I went with the seasonal frittata ($11) which that day featured red peppers and scallions for starters and came topped with goat cheese. It was “supposed” to come with salad and toast (at least according to the menu), but for some reason I got potatoes instead of toast. I didn’t mind too much since I figured the potatoes were better for me anyway.

e2 brunch review- (Pittsburgh)

D opted for the patatas bravas ($12) which consisted of sauteed red potatoes, onions, red peppers and then topped with local chorizo, chive aioli, a sunny egg, salad, and toast. It was a rather large portion that was very much enjoyed.

E2 brunch reviews

Minus the couple of very slight let-downs, the food was tasty and the service attentive the whole meal. I thoroughly enjoyed my first time dining experience at e2 and look forward to returning for dinner in the near future.

Note: Brunch is cash-only


5904 Bryant Street | Pittsburgh, PA | 15206

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