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Restaurant Review-Brunch @ Six Penn Kitchen (Pittsburgh)

If you’re looking for a high quality yet non-pretentious dining experience, Six Penn Kitchen is the place to go. Its website states “by paying more attention to the basics-true hospitality, great food, casually sophisticated environment-we feel that Six Penn Kitchen will raise the bar on the art of dining casually” and every time I’ve dined there those basics have shined through. Six Penn is a perennial favorite and I have eaten there for all meals of the day-brunch, lunch and dinner. It’s located smack in the heart of the Cultural District which only adds to its appeal.

A couple of weeks ago I had off on a Sunday and even though I like trying out new brunch spots, we hadn’t been to Six Penn in a while, not to mention I had never reviewed it on the blog. While dinner is a bit pricier, brunch offerings are extremely reasonable.

Complimentary sweet breads are brought upon being seated, although the selection varies from table to table. Our bread basket consisted of plain corn bread muffins as well as blueberry corn muffins, along with extremely delicious homemade apple butter. The people dining at the table next to us had been given a basket of scones.

While I contemplated ordering the tomato soup, as it was a particularly cold January day, we decided to split an order of Deviled Eggs ($3). These were not your typical deviled eggs ย heavy on the mayonnaise and salt. Rather, the three eggs had been hard boiled and featured a variety of toppings. Our waitress explained that each week featured a different spin on the ‘ol deviled egg. The eggs that week were done in a southwestern style and featured Monterrey Jack cheese, a spicy salami-style meat, and peppers. Although the waitress had warned us that the eggs were spicy and I debated about getting them since my heat tolerance level is just about null, we did indeed order them and they were excellent. What I loved most about them is that they did not fill you up as appetizers often do.

Although we didn’t get them this time, in the past we’ve had the Boston Cream Beignets ($6) ย and they are to die for. However, we had also eaten out the night before and it just didn’t feel right ordering such a heavy and rich starter.

For my entree I went with the Huevos Rancheros ($11) which consisted of a corn or flour tortilla (I chose the corn since the taste reminds me of Mexico), black beans, eggs, and ranchero sauce. Although it didn’t say so on the menu, the dish did come with home fries which the waitress was nice enough to let me know about as I was planning on ordering a side of them. The huevos were excelente and while the portion was large I did clean my plate but was still not full at the end of the meal.

D ordered a favorite of his from past dinings, the Corned Beef Hash Skillet ($12) which featured over easy eggs topped with a whole grain mustard hollandaise sauce. Although he enjoyed it he didn’t finish it, which is somewhat rare. However, I know that the amount of sodium in corned beef is extremely high and would make anyone feel stuffed in a short period of time.

To accompany his entree he ordered a side of the House-Smoked Bacon ($4). On our last visit I had talked him into getting the tempura bacon. While I like tempura, on bacon it simply tasted disastrous and is not something I would recommend trying.

Two other entree selections that sounded great were the pumpkin waffles and a smoked salmon crepe, both $12.

There are restaurants that remain perennial favorites among a wide variety of demographics and Six Penn Kitchen is one of those. It simply does it “all”-food, ambiance, service-nearly flawlessly.

146 Sixth Street
Pittsburgh, PA. 15222

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