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Restaurant Review: Lemon Falls Cafe (Chagrin Falls, Ohio)

Originally, my plans for our overnight visit to Chagrin Falls, Ohio were to include a stop at Cuyahoga National Park. Since it was only 30 minutes away from Chagrin Falls, it seemed like a good idea. But then the more I thought about it-having to get directions from home to the park, the park to Chagrin Falls-it just seemed like too much. So much of the time when I travel I have everything mapped out to a T and frankly, it can get exhausting. So I tweaked our plans to begin and end in Chagrin Falls and this worked out great. We had the laziest trip ever and it was perfect, especially since it included lunch at the Lemon Falls Cafe.

I had checked out its website prior to going and when I saw they had chai I was sold (plenty of places will offer every type of coffee drink out the wazoo but not always chai lattes). After checking into our lodgings, we walked over to the cafe and had a late lunch.

While the Lemon Falls Cafe is extremely small I loved everything about the physical space-it was beautiful, bright, and had the loveliest of decors. But on to the food! The cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch (I won’t be commenting on the former since it was not a place where breakfast was served all day). We both ended up going the sandwich route but they did have what looked to be delicious entree options in the display case (one of them was enchiladas, except these were the biggest enchiladas I had ever seen).


I ended up selecting the 1/2 sandwich + cup of soup for $8.95. I went with tuna but options in this combo included tarragon chicken, grilled cheese or egg salad and for my soup I got tomato. All of the sandwiches were served delicious pickles that didn’t taste like any pickles you get from a jar at the store-they were seasoned with dill which normally I don’t care for but in this way they were delicious.


D ordered the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich which was like the entree just without the sauce ($9.50). The sandwiches don’t come with anything but there were ample chip selections to choose from if desired.


While we didn’t get any sweets, all of the baked goods looked divine. The cookies were seriously as large and thick as D’s hand. I did of course get my chai which I enjoyed immensely (sometimes it’s wonderful trying out a chai from a new spot, i.e. somewhere other than Starbucks and Panera). While we were there D spotted granola that one of the workers was packaging into bags-another staff member gave him a tasting cup of it. He liked it so much that the next day we returned and bought a bag to take home with us. We’ve since eaten it and it was really good.


Service was friendly but casual-you place your order and then take a seat, your food is brought to you, you could eat in or get it to go. But what I really liked about the cafe was that it was great being somewhere that served “fast food” without the enormous calorie intake.


Lemon Falls Cafe

95 North Main Street Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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