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Restaurant Review-Paris 66 Brunch (Pittsburgh)

Paris 66 brunch

Ever since my amazing lunch last year at the authentic French eatery Paris 66, I’ve wanted to go back and try out their brunch offerings (you remember, my favorite meal and all?). Working Sundays means that the stars rarely align for me to take advantage of Sunday brunch, but thankfully the Sunday after Thanksgiving (thanks indeed), meant I was finally able to go.

For anyone not too savvy on the ways of the French, breakfast/brunch isn’t really their “thing.” They don’t ever serve meals in the morning in which a plate would be completely covered with food, jamais! You know, one in which eggs, bacon, toast, and potatoes all make an appearance. This should come as no surprise since the French word for breakfast after all has the word “little” in it- petit déjeûner (little lunch). What the French do enjoy eating with their cup (or two) of morning cafe are the things that all carb watchers would shudder at-breads, rolls, pastries-mon dieu. 

The brunch offerings at Paris 66 consist of a variety of a la carte items (breakfast crêpe, breakfast croissant, French toast, two quiche selections, and a vast array of croissants-and here you thought a croissant was just a fancy piece of bread). And then there are the Crêpe selections-both sweet and savory ones.

To start (with the boissons-drinks), I went with a perennial favorite of mine-Chocolat Chaud ($4). While I had read that their Chai Latte was highly recommended, it’s not too often one get a hot chocolate that tastes straight out of a Parisian cafe. And seriously, French hot chocolate is so superior to the Spanish version which is as thick as mud.

Paris 66 brunch

For my entree, I had a hard time deciding but ultimately opted for the Paris 66 Brunch ($18) which featured a creme filed sweet crêpe with berry puree, a side of eggs Provençale (tomatoes and herbs distinguish it from your standard eggs dish), and a choice of a croissant, pain au chocolat, or a palmier, which is a pastry in the shape of a palm. It also comes with your choice of orange juice, tea or coffee. While the crêpe was good and frankly you can never go wrong with a croissant, the eggs didn’t wow me. They weren’t piping hot and just were a bit lackluster.

Paris 66 brunch

D ordered the La Vincenns sweet crêpe ($9.50) for his entree, which basically was apples “en compote” with cinnamon and whipped cream. An apple crêpe is exactly the reason why I want to visit the French region of Normandy where they are obsessed with all things apple.

Paris 66 brunch

Although the dessert selections sounded divine, I was much too full to consume anything more but thankfully they had macarons to go. While a bit pricey (around $14 for half a dozen), macarons are just so worth it in my opinion. Flavor selections vary but we took home a peppermint, green apple, vanilla, raspberry, coconut, and pumpkin-all flavors we love.

Paris 66 brunch

While I didn’t remotely love brunch at Paris 66 as much as I did lunch, I think next time I would just order something else. But the ambiance can’t be beat, a Paris vibe that even a Rick Blaine would be proud of.

Paris 66 brunch

Paris 66

6018 Penn Circle South | Pittsburgh, PA | 15206

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    Sarah Shumate
    January 19, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    Oh, my! Those crepes look good! Paris was not my favorite city, but I did, very much so, enjoy the food! I haven’t had a decent croissant since that trip, actually! This is something that worries me about eventually moving back to the States – I know it will be much harder to find restaurants offering European specialties where they truly taste authentic. London is pretty good about that, but Nashville, Tennessee? Going to go out on a limb here and say the chances are probably slim. 🙁

    By the way, I wanted to thank you for mentioning my blog in your interview on Ashley Abroad. That was such a happy surprise for me! Made my day!!
    Sarah Shumate recently posted…Changing Of The Seasons In Berlin’s TiergartenMy Profile

    • Reply
      January 19, 2015 at 2:59 pm

      It was my pleasure as I love your blog so much 🙂

      Yes, “politics” aside one can’t go wrong with food in Paris! I know, the croissants one finds stateside are so mediocre in comparison save for those at authentic French bakeries and restaurants. Yes, Pittsburgh is the same in regards to authentic Latin food-sorely lacking! It makes you appreciate all the more the times when you are in those countries. But here’s to hoping that whenever you do move back home, you will discover some little European whole in the walls 🙂

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