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Restaurant Review: Verandah at the Summit Inn Resort (Pittsburgh)

Summit Inn Resort Pennsylvania

When planning our day trip to the Laurel Caverns, I’d anticipated dining at the Stonehouse Inn for lunch but when I came across the Summit Inn Resort I changed my mind. In addition to it being a historic property (always a plus in my eyes) it’s also located at the top of a ridge in the Allegheny Mountains, thus offering visitors incredible views.

While Mae’s Dining Room is the main dining space at the resort, trust me when I say you will want to dine outside at the Verandah. The Summit Inn is one of the last remaining “grand porch hotels” and upon entering the resort, when you see the beautiful covered porch off to the right, you will see why it is indeed “grand.” The website advises making reservations but as we were going for lunch, I figured we would be okay and indeed we were. I would probably be more cautious when wanting to dine there for dinner/watch the sunset, etc.

Summit Inn Resort Pennsylvania Ver9

The lunch menu offers familiar standard dishes, both entrees and sandwiches. To start we both ordered soup. I went with the soup du jour which was akin to Italian wedding soup. The broth was salty but not overly so and the meatballs were very tasty. D went with French Onion Soup (he never seems to get anything else) which he thoroughly liked, I’m sure due to the copious amounts of melted cheese. It was somewhat cool during our meal (the porch was covered and we were very high) so the soup was definitely enjoyable.

Summit Inn Resort Pennsylvania Ver2

I ordered a pulled pork sandwich for my entree, which came with fries. The pulled pork was fantastic; however, it came topped with melted cheese. I’ve eaten a lot of pulled pork sandwiches over the years and know what is “authentic,” so the addition of cheese just seemed a bit odd, not to mention made me feel even more guilty over consuming it since melted cheese is definitely not the healthy way to go. The fries were delicious, some of the best I’ve ever eaten (the crispy, extra salty kind).

Summit Inn Resort Pennsylvania

D selected the French dip sandwich for his main course complete with an adorable mini pitcher of au jus. There was none left to take home as you can imagine.

Summit Inn Resort Pennsylvania

I figured that since we wouldn’t be returning anytime soon (the drive wasn’t bad but one doesn’t normally dine at places that are 90 minutes away on a regular basis), we should splurge (stomach wise) and get dessert. The menu featured multiple options and I went with the one that sounded the “healthiest,” a slice of lemon cake, although the large amount of icing definitely ruined the healthy factor. Neither of us needed the lemon cake at that point as the sandwiches and fries were greasy and good but enjoyed it all the same.

Summit Inn Resort Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t have a menu for the Verandah and I was remiss in writing down prices but for what we got plus a soda and the tip, the total bill came to $55. Our waiter was also incredibly nice and attentive.

While there are some neat attractions to be had in this corner of Southwestern Pennsylvania, unique dining spots are not as easy to be had (it is rural America after all), so if you ever happen to be visiting the caverns or Fallingwater, put the Summit Inn Resort into your GPS and drive yourself there.

Summit Inn Resort Pennsylvania

ย Summit Inn Resort

101 Skyline Drive Farmington, Pennsylvania

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