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Saturdays in Spain

When I studied abroad in Spain I lived with a local host family in their piso (apartment). It was the first time I had ever lived in an apartment especially one with four other people. But in major European cities, Seville included, pisos are the norm due to a space constraints. My Spanish host family’s piso was located in the Triana neighborhood, across the river from such popular sights as the Catedral and the Giralda. On my first day in Seville, I walked with some classmates who would also be living in Triana so that we could check out our homes even though we wouldn’t be moving into them for a couple more days. My host family’s piso was small in the sense that the public living space wasn’t overly abundant-the kitchen was tiny although somehow my host mom still made big meals and the dining area also served as the living room/TV viewing section. I shared a room with my American roommate and although I never ventured into the back, I knew that was where my host parents and my host brother lived. There was one bathroom and there were definitely frustrating periods when all one wanted to do was cepillar los dientes (brush teeth). Of course, the building that our flat was in was under construction when I was there and I believe only two or three other pisos were actually occupied.  But it was home and unlike my first host family’s house in Costa Rica, I never saw a cucaracha (cockroach).

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