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Shrimp Po’ Boys & Zucchini Pirogues-New Orleans

As I mentioned in my beignets post from earlier this week, I made shrimp po’ boys and zucchini pirogues for dinner. One of my favorite things about New Orleans when I visited in 2007 was the food. In addition to the sinfully delicious beignets at the world famous Cafe du Monde, the scrumptious gumbo at Tujague’s, my favorite meal might just have to be the crab cake po’ boy I had at Johnny’s Po’ Boys. Po’ boys are a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana.

My friend and I had had an early flight to New Orleans and so after checking into our room at Le Richelieu (a hotel I would highly recommend as it is still in the French Quarter but not right on top of some of its less desirable qualities-i.e. all-night party goers and intoxicated individuals) we set out for some much needed nourishment. I had never had a po’ boy prior to visiting New Orleans but it was at the top of my list of new foods I wanted to try. My Frommers guidebook had given a glowing recommendation for Johnny’s Po’ Boys and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately my trip to New Orleans was before I became interested in taking photographs of foods I encountered and tried during my travels but you’ll just have to take my word that the po’ boy was massive (about half the length of my arm). Although no trip to New Orleans is planned in the near future, I do look forward to returning and most especially, having some of the incredible food again.

Although my po’ boys look rather skimpy in terms of filling, they are often topped with lettuce, cabbage, peppers, and more. I used Emeril Lagasse’s Classic Fried Shrimp Po’ Boys recipe from the Food Network website which can be found here.

To accompany the po’ boys I made zucchini pirogues. A pirogue is a long, narrow canoe and is often associated with the Cajuns of the Louisiana marsh. I hollowed out the zucchini and then cooked its filling with onions, peppers, and tomatoes and then eventually added bacon bits, bread crumbs and cheese to it. These were particularly good especially since it was something different. The recipe for the zucchini pirogues can be found here.

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