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    French Speaking Canada Smackdown: Montreal vs. Quebec City


    It's often said that a trip to the Canadian province of Quebec is like going to Europe, only without the long plane ride and the often higher costs. ย (If you're an American visitor to Canada, the American dollar is slightly higher than the Canadian.) ย I was dubious about these claims because it seemed impossible for someplace to feel and be like Europe when in fact it was a continent away. When I visited…

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    Montreal Travel Tips

    Montreal is deemed a worthy substitute to Paris (on a North American scale that is), so while the high rise buildings may make it seem like any other American city, be…

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    Montreal’s Mount Royal Park

    Although Mount Royal is technically a hill in the city of Montreal, it sure felt like it was a mountain when walking climbing up it. It's also what gave Montreal its…

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    Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica

    The sight I was most excited to visit in Montreal was Notre-Dame Basilica. I had seen numerous pictures of it and its interior looked spectacular. Seeing it in person did not…