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    Five Foods To Try In The Czech Republic

    Five Foods To Try In The Czech Republic

    I’m going to be honest. Prior to visiting the Czech Republic (okay, booking my plane tickets), I knew next to nothing about Czech food, not even a dish or two. It just doesn’t have the same cachet  that cuisines like German and Russian have. But the more I started researching, the more excited I became over the prospect of trying out this rich and hearty cuisine. And while the food was on the heavier side, I still didn’t find it as…

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    How to spend 3 days in Prague

    Prague is one of those cities that truly should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s visually stunning, has a fascinating history that dates back to medieval times, and enough to keep…

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    Czech Republic Food Travel

    Prague Eating

    So in looking back on my trip to Central Europe, I would say I did better in sights than in eating while in Prague (Munich was the reverse). I attribute this…