The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

Or is it?

I’ve said it before– in the 21st century, thanks to the many technological innovations that have permeated our every being, there are very few places that haven’t been visited and subsequently blogged about. Although you’re seeing more travel bloggers truly visit far flung places like Kazakhstan and countries in sub-Saharan Africa,  the world is not logistically off-limits like it once was, before air travel was the norm and the Internet made it possible to research a destination in a matter of seconds. With this come the complaints that travel bloggers are writing about the same destinations and as a result, you have other travel bloggers saying they won’t be blogging about “destination A”  because they want to be different. But to me, someone who hasn’t been to 50+ countries, the specific destination  shouldn’t matter. It’s all about the angle the destination itself is presented, i.e. what sets this blog post apart from others.  Even more importantly, it’s how the blogger personalizes it, rather than churning out  generic content.

The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

Doing more than just seeing the Little Mermaid statue and riding a canal boat when in Copenhagen.

The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

Going on a food tour when in Nassau.

Everyone in the blogging world says that if you want to be taken seriously, you need to have a niche,  whether you’re a food blogger or a travel blogger. I don’t have a specifically defined niche per se because that’s not my personality.    In all facets of life I have always been eclectic and my blog reflects this.    I write about everything from food to Pittsburgh  to travel, both domestic and international. But as I’ve always loved history, I actively seek out many history related topics on my travels, something many other travel bloggers don’t necessarily hone in on.

The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

I went to Jamaica and didn’t visit one beach. Instead I toured an 18th century plantation.

I absolutely adored my trip to Prague. It’s a destination that had been on my bucket list for as long as I could remember and now is one of my favorite cities ever,  along with the thousands of other people who have visited and the hundreds of others who have blogged about it. So yes, it’s safe to say that from a blogging standpoint, Prague is oversaturated. But not necessarily regarding its  Jewish history and culture.  My post on Prague’s Jewish Quarter is one of my most popular. You see, I didn’t just mention it in an overall ” what to see and do in Prague” post because there’s too much to be covered to include it in one general post. And then there’s my post on Terezin, the infamous concentration camp/ghetto where so many Czech Jews  died or were transported to their deaths. While enough travel bloggers visit Auschwitz while in Poland, it seems more like something you just do, like visiting the Eiffel Tower on your first trip to Paris. But I know next to no travel bloggers who visit Terezin even though it’s only an hour from Prague.  It is a fascinating, albeit heartbreakingly sad  place to visit because it was a model “show camp”  that fooled the international community as to its real purpose.

The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

Inside one of the secret synagogues at Terezin. Services were held in secret here during World War II.

When I blog about Disney cruises, I like to think that what I’m writing and ultimately sharing with the webosphere is from a slightly different angle.   I  don’t  take the same cruise over and over like many people do;  I know they’re going more for the experience than the destination.  I write from a well-rounded traveler’s perspective,  meaning I don’t just do cruises.  I’m completely comfortable and in some cases prefer taking a non-cruise trip organizing everything myself. But I also have made it a priority to do not just  Disney’s Caribbean cruises; they’re fun and all but to me the real allure are the non-Caribbean destinations. Not to mention, I know that it helps I’m writing about my experiences on Disney cruises from a child free, adults only perspective since even after all the years Disney cruises have been around, many still equate a Disney cruise with a theme park experience.

The Rather Limited World of Travel Blogging

Wandering the streets of Ålesund, a gorgeous Art-Nouveau city in Norway I had never heard of let alone thought I’d ever visit. But I did thanks to my Disney Norwegian fjords cruise.

I think the same people who say this destination has been overblogged are the same ones who want to have that “edge” in the travel blogging world, to act like they’re the Nellie Blys of the 21st century even though no one is, not when you have Internet, planes, and ATMs at your immediate disposal. How to backpack Southeast Asia on $20 a day, how to couch surf in Europe, these are overdone topics for sure. And yet for as much as Southeast Asia or Europe or South America have been blogged about, there’s always something new.  Blogging shouldn’t be like a chain hotel.  Make it a post with your personal touches.  In the end,  that’s what  sets it apart from the others.

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  • Reply
    Jillian Michelle
    April 3, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    I completely agree with this. It’s easy to get caught up in “write about what hasn’t been covered” or “write about things with high search volumes,” but you’re really only going to be happy if you’re writing about what you love. My blog has a niche, but it’s one that isn’t very popular (geeky travel), but I don’t care because I love it. Some of my favorite posts are articles that get only a handful of views of month (even while ranking on the first page of Google). But those stories make me happy. I’ve recently started incorporating more posts with a high search volume into my blog in order to increase my page views a bit. But those articles honestly bore me and don’t speak to my soul. I like castles, mythology, ancient history, space travel, cultural stories, libraries and bookstores, sci-fi/fantasy themed travel, and other geeky travel topics. And I’m going to keep writing about them regardless if only 5 people ever read some of my most eccentric posts. This is why I started blogging. It’s easy to get caught up in the world of travel blogging and all its unspoken rules, but I blog to make myself happy before anyone else. <3
    Jillian Michelle recently posted…World’s Best Castles on Cliffs – 15 Cliff Castles So Dreamy They Look Fake (But Are Completely Real)My Profile

    • Reply
      April 4, 2018 at 7:13 pm

      Thanks Jillian! I’m glad to hear the post resonated with you. And I couldn’t agree more about blogging for you.

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