Visiting the Turquoise Coast

If I had to pick somewhere for a digital detox, it would most likely be the Turkish Coast, also known as the Turquoise Coast which is the country’s southwesternmost shore. Although I know that much of Turkey’s coastline resembles the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana or Mexico’s Cancun in terms of development, I also know there are still pockets left untouched, where the scenery resembles that of the last 200 hundred years. So after flying into the Antayla Airport, here’s what I would do in no particular order.

Feast on Turkish food

While I’ve not had the opportunity to eat a ton of Turkish food, the one awesome Turkish meal I had a couple of years ago here in Pittsburgh still brings back happy memories and I have no doubt that I’d have memories to last a lifetime in a destination like the Turquoise Coast. I simply adore feta cheese and eggplant, two staples in Turkish cuisine,  not to mention lamb is not something I eat nearly enough of. I also wouldn’t mind braving the seafood waters and trying something new since obviously everything there would be utterly fresh.

Visiting the Turquoise Coast

A Room with a View

I’m a sucker for awesome hotel views  so that would be my top criteria for my trip to the Turkish coast, that my lodgings offer an amazing vista, one that shows nothing but endless coastline with water so clear you can see your reflection in it.   A dream of mine is to one day (temporarily) live abroad somewhere and just write. Just a girl, a typewriter (another dream of mine is to one day own one of these, a real classic one), and her views for inspiration.

Touring some historical ruins or two

Being the history nerd that I am, naturally I couldn’t travel to a place like Turkey and not check out some sites of historical importance. And lest you think Istanbul is where all of the history went down, think again. The city of Antayla was a major city in the Byzantine Empire and is home to countless ruins. In the area there’s everything from Hadrian’s Gate (yes, the Romans were there too) to Hıdırlık Tower to even a casket of bones reputed to be those of St. Nicholas (yes, the figure we associate with Christmas was actually a fourth-century Greek Christian). And if I forgot to mention, my digital detox would not include my DSRL since there would be way too much I’d want to photograph. And it’s not WiFi or Bluetooth enabled, so nothing 21st century about it save for the digital part.

Being out on the open water

While I’m a terrible swimmer and have no boating experience at all, I still adore being out on the open water. The Turkish Coast is famous for sailing expeditions, and that’s something I would love to do. What better way to explore this stunning coastline than on a boat. Hopefully my pensione with that killer room with a view would still be available so I could return after sailing to write and gaze out some more.

Turkey is a country I long to visit and explore,  and hope whenever I do it involves its beautiful Turquoise Coast.

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