Wednesday Wishlist-Hawaiian Aloha

D and I move this Saturday and so life is a little a lot hectic as of late between working full time and getting ready for the move. While I like to post pretty regularly (at least during the week) a lot of new posts I’ve written still need to be edited (yes, I actually edit my posts before having them go live…well most of them at least…I didn’t “edit” this one and so if you come across any errors, please excuse them). And so sadly I have nothing new to share with you all who are awesome enough to come and check out my blog.

Anyhow, with my stress and exhaustion levels being up to here (if you were next to me “here” is pretty high), I would love to go back to Hawaii for some utter rest and relaxation. My trip to Maui last year was so perfect, so idyllic and so unlike anything I had ever experienced. Let’s be honest, while Pennsylvania landscapes are pretty they hardly compare to the incredibly diverse and unique landscapes of the Hawaiian islands. And of course the fact that one of my favorite films The Descendants premiered this past Saturday night on HBO only made my desire to return that much stronger.

So for this Wednesday’s wishlist I want to be in Hawaii…any of the islands would do…

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    October 17, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    I’m visiting the states early next year to see family and my debate is where to go via. Hawaii is high on the list as I’ve never been and it sounds wonderful, but I can get air points flying through LA or Dallas! Your post makes me question my sanity to be considering anything BUT Hawaii!

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    the red headed traveler
    October 18, 2012 at 1:03 am

    I know you’ve been to some pretty spectacular places in the South Pacific so Hawaii is probably “average” to you in comparison but when compared with LA and especially Dallas (no offense to the Lone Star state) I think you should definitely go to Hawaii! I’m head over heels for Hawaii and I only made it to one of the islands but it’s that “addicting :)”. From all that I read each island definitely seems to have its unique charm. I for sure want to see Pearl Harbor on my next visit. I’ll be anxious to hear what you decide!

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