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Western Pennsylvania Bucket List

There are times when I bemoan the fact that Pittsburgh isn’t that near to many big cities. (No offense Cleveland, I’ve enjoyed the two times I’ve visited but let’s face it, in many ways you’re the Pittsburgh version of Ohio.) While my hometown of Philadelphia is only a two hour drive from New York City and 2.5 hours from the nation’s capital, Pittsburgh on the other hand is 6.5 hours from the Big Apple and 4.5 hours from Washington D.C. Neither is a far distance and yet day trips are out of the question (at least where my personal driving preferences are concerned). However, I know that Pittsburgh’s location does put it in closer proximity to some pretty cool places that my hometown of Philadelphia isn’t near to at all-i.e. the incredible Fallingwater and Niagara Falls. Sometimes the neatest experiences are when you get to “explore your own backyard.”

But there are plenty of other places around “here” that I would love to see. So the other day I created a Western Pennsylvania bucket list. No, none of the things that I listed are as exciting as being at Machu Picchu or watching the sun come up at Angkor Wat, but for a more down to earth traveling experience, they seem pretty cool. And yes, my list is pretty history heavy but history is what I love.

The Red Headed Traveler’s Western Pennsylvania Bucket List

-Laurel Caverns (DONE-August 2014)

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